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GLW091011: The Browfoot Loop

11th October 2010

The idea was to start at Browfoot and undertake a four mile circuit of the ancient lanes on the west side of Kentmere.  However, anxious to find a decent parking place, we left the car at Fellfoot, thereby increasing the distance by 50%!  Not that it mattered, on a bright October afternoon with the trees and fells showing their autumnal attractions.

Kentmere is a lovely valley and, inevitably, has some lovely property in it.  With some lovely washing!  

After Browfoot however the narrow road climbs away from habitation.

The tarmac runs out when the Coniston fells come into view.

The lane turns north and becomes intermittently boggy.

A frog welcomed us at one gate!  There was a cold wind but we managed to find a very convenient wall to provide not just shelter but a bit of a sun trap for lunch.

On reaching Park Beck we turned south east to head back to the valley.  

When I saw the little stone "Wendy House" shepherd's hut I realised that I had been down that path before- on BB0915.  

When Margaret saw Ullthwaite Bridge she realised that not only had she been there before, we all had- for our Annabel Williams photo shoot some twenty years ago.

This is a lovely short walk, giving a taste of Lakeland without actually venturing out onto the wild fells.  We must do it again one day, preferably when the wild irises in the copse near Park Beck are in flower.



6.0 miles

Height climbed:

732 feet

If you have Memory Map on your computer, you can follow our route in detail by downloading GLW0091011.


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