GLW1203: Rather Heath and Ashes

Wednesday 16th May 2012

It being, in Kendal, an unusually sunny day for this pretty poor May, we drove to Staveley and parked at the Mill Yard finding £4.23 on the ground by the car.  We determined to put the money in the first collecting box we found for a charity of which we approved.  

Our start point was to be the top of Hollins Lane, above Burneside so we caught the 555 back towards Kendal.  

I spent some time photographing the Elba Monument and two Shetland ponies whilst a frustrated wife set off across the extremely busy A591.  

After a couple of fields and passing a strange garden shelter (or was it a rather grand water tank entrance?) we joined the path taken by The BOOTboys on BB1215, my birthday outing.

The weather seemed cloudier than it had been before and a cold northerly wind was blowing.

This time, on reaching Moss Side, we found an attractive ivy covered barn and some unusual hens.  However, Margaret had no interest in the pile of abandoned building stones in the field.  It shows the different interests of Boys and Girls!

At Ratherheath Tarn, this time we did what Tony had suggested and followed the path round the lake, ignoring the "Private, Windermere Angling Club Only" signs.  The few anglers didn't seem to mind.

Rejoining the permitted path through Rather Heath, we passed some splendid gorse and a large number of wind felled trees.  Eventually we reached Ashes Lane.

Beyond the caravan site, this becomes a white road "Unsuitable for Motor Vehicles".  I remember driving it many years ago.  It was unsuitable then.

"Unsuitable" is a Westmerian term for "an interesting challenge".

After the lane becomes a very rough track, there is a rocky outcrop with such a fine view that we stopped for a snack.  I forgot to mention that the flask had leaked at the bus stop so there was precious little to drink but we still had a chocolate biscuit and an apple on which to feast.

At The Ashes, we parted company from the BB1215 route and carried on past the attractive cluster of houses, one with a splendid garden after which Margaret lusted. It also had an interesting crow scarer- an artificial raven

However, these were somewhat trumped by what looked like a Voysey house before New Hall, where we turned right to head to Staveley.  

The woods were full of bluebells, although past their best.  The next house we passed had a splendid early show of azaleas and rhododendrons.

Once over the A591, we dropped into the outskirts of Staveley; for us, this is a part of the village that we have seldom visited and found a number of interesting buildings and gardens.

Back at the Beer Hall in the Mill Yard, I was looking forward to a pint of Hawkshead's finest but Margaret had other ideas.  

Lakeland Limited was calling so there we went to enhance the Raynor family's fortunes with numerous purchases and an early (and tasty) tea.  

At the till was a collecting box for Kendal Mountain Rescue.  It seemed an appropriate charity for our car-park findings.

After all, we might need to call them out one day.

Don, 16th May 2012


Distance:  4.4 miles;     Height climbed:  358 feet




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