GLW1301 : Gurnal Dubbs in the Gloom

Wednesday 9th January 2013

Many years ago, some time between arriving in Kendal and the arrival of children, Margaret and I went for a walk on a foggy day.  We started from the Potter Fell Road, walking up the hunting, shooting, fishing track to Gurnal Dubbs.  As we neared the tarn, we emerged from the gloom and had a wonderful (and warm) sunny view over the sea of cloud..

Today we hoped to replicate that experience.  We followed the same route in near freezing temperature--inverted conditions but, even though we climbed to over 1,000 feet where blue coloured sky seemed tantalisingly close, the emergence never quite happened.  

So, after a coffee stop we circled the tarn and retreated.

The path passes a plaque near Low Taggleshaw tarn that records the gift of a four acre site to the Parish of Strickland Roger by the Enclosures Act of 1838.  Not the most generous gift, to my mind!

It was a pleasant walk given the circumstances but sadly lacking the magic of old.  One to try again, perhaps on a sunny summer evening instead.  It certainly has the potential to be a Great Little Walk even if it didn't quite live up to that designation today.

Don, 9th January 2013


Gurnal Dubbs 1975

I am now in the processing of digitising all our old slides and have found the photos of the aforementioned ancient visit to Gurnal Dubbs.  It was actually in January 1975.  Here you can see what we had hoped to find on this recent visit.

The photo below on the right is not of the sea.  It is the mist over Kendal.

Don, 28th April 2013



 Distance: 4.9 miles;     Height climbed:  770 feet



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