GLW1307 : Hello Blackberry Way

Saturday 24th August 2013

We hadn't expected this outing to turn into a GLW but it happened  The intention was to visit Halecat Garden Nursery at Witherslack which, in fact, we did.  This is an unusual place, dedicated to plants rather than garden paraphernalia, twee gifties and fancy cakes. True, you can buy an ice cream lolly for 30p but it is not a place that you visit for such items.  They focus on selling plants, most of which they have grown themselves so you know that they should thrive in this area.

The threatened rain having held off, we parked just beyond Witherslack Church and headed northwards, noting, for our return, the plethora of blackberries coming into ripeness.

The road was quiet and we were taken aback at how warm and sunny it was.

At Askew Green we headed down through a field, somewhat concerned by the presence of quite a lot of young bullocks but they were more interested in their feed than us.


There was a fine view of distant Lakeland Peaks, Red Screes being the most prominent with Fairfield off to the left.  Soon we turned left into a patch of nettles, fortunately only for short stretch before the path passed through hayfield then along an old cart track.

On reaching a road we turned left but soon branched right onto another old track with a great big puddle to negotiate.  At Bleacrag Road we discovered many more blackberry bushes in the hedgerow although not as many ripe as seen previously and well protected by nettles.  Nonetheless, they were too tempting to leave and the map case proved a suitable bag.

Another old track on the left brought us back to the first sighted blackberries and the bag was filled before returning back to the car.  The weather had held superbly although dark clouds could be seen in the Kendal direction.

This is a good GLW to remember in foraging time.  I am really looking forward to the blackberry and apple crumble that Margaret is, as I type, preparing for us.  With steamy hot runny custard, I hope!

Don, 24th August 2013


Distance: 3.1 miles;     Height climbed:  275 feet



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