GLW1308 : Déjà Vu de Lune

Monday 26th August 2013

Where to go on a sunny bank holiday Monday?  Certainly not into the Lakes.  Having been up the Howgills for the last couple of weeks on BB walks, I thought Margaret might like to try a rather gentler walk in this quiet area.  The idea was to park by the church at Howgill then drop down to the river, go north up the Dales Way to Crook of Lune Bridge and then return by a different route.

I clearly remembered us going along the Dales Way in the opposite direction and both of us really enjoying that stretch.  What I totally forgot (and still can't remember) is that I took Margaret on the walk I had planned for today almost exactly two years ago (chosen no doubt for exactly the same bank holiday reason).  I couldn't understand why she kept telling me that we had done this before.  I suppose my excuse is my brain wasn't functioning properly.

Anyway, we ended up doing a very similar walk to GLW1109 albeit a little shorter.  And I have a camera load of photos very similar to those on both.

So there is no need to embarrass Jamie again about the Crook of Lune Bridge and little else to report other than:

  • Some fell ponies en-route
  • Three friendly dogs
  • A different washing photo
  • A man with a shotgun over his shoulder.

At least it keeps the write-up very short!

Perhaps we will return in August 2015 as I will have forgotter that we've done this great little walk twice before.  It will be déjà vu all over again!

Don, 26th August 2013


3.8 miles 390 feet


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