GLW1501 : A Circuit of Grasmere

Saturday 7th February 2015

The original plan was to go to Alcock Tarn which, to my surprise, we have not visited since the GLW series began (although the BOOTboys have).  However the Fates (including the fact that I had forgotten my boots and only had my pumps!) determined otherwise so we settled for a gentle stroll around Grasmere- the lake, not the village - although we had to walk through the latter to reach the former).

It was a beautiful, clear and mostly sunny day although, as I realised not long after I had decided to leave my anorak in the car, rather chilly.  Strangely the photos make it look gloomier than it was and don't record the vibrancy of the colours, even after doctoring them with Photoshop.

In need of food, as soon as we reached the shore we stopped for our butties.  There is now a wheelchair friendly path all along the western side of the lake and around to the A591.  

Using the pavement adjacent to the lake side of the busy road was not as bad an experience as I had anticipated.  The views (of lake and hills, not vehicles nor other pedestrians for that matter) were superb.


On the way back, out of curiosity we stopped at Rydal Hall to view the yurts, the reason being that Emma and co are staying in one at half term.  I think it will prove to be a great place to take small children; glamping as Margaret called it. Plenty of room to run about safely, formal and sculpture gardens to explore, the Grotto and waterfall plus, as confirmed by our research, a good on-site café   No doubt Scott will be looking forward to taking tea and scones with the Bishop!

Don, 7th February 2015

Distance: 2.6 miles


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