GLW1504 : High Newton

Thursday 9th July 2015

I don't know if it was my enthusing about the Crown at High Newton or as a result of reading the BOOTboys report BB1524 : Beating the Bracken but one or the other triggered Margaret into wanting to explore the area.  Eye-high bracken, however, was to be avoided, quite understandably.

I found a route that on paper looked good and fortunately that turned out to be the case.

We started like the second part of BB1524, i.e. from outside the Crown and headed up to High Newton reservoir where we stopped for a coffee (flask- no café there!).

We then continued as per BOOTboys only this time there were bullocks and other sorts of big bovines on the road. The fence was broken and there was nothing to keep them from us. Fortunately they felt similarly so retreated as we advanced.

Rather than turn off left into the plantation, we continued as far as Simpson Ground then followed the extremely well marked footpath that led across slightly boggy ground with wild orchids.  

Soon we came to the sadly ruined farmhouse, Pattison How, then down to the road that eventually led back to High Newton.  On the way superb views were to be seen, north to the Kentmere fells.....

..... west to Whitbarrow Scar and beyond to Ingleborough .....

.....and south over the Kent Estuary.  

Unfortunately, unfamiliarity with my new camera, exacerbated by bright light and my new eyes, meant that the photos didn't do them justice.

We arrived at the Crown on schedule for our evening meal.  Abe recommended the pork scratchings and they were certainly the best I have ever had.  I do like a suet pudding (memories of childhood) so was tempted by the unusual lamb and cockle offering.  It was very good although I think it would have been better without the kale.  Margaret was very restrained and restricted herself to fish cakes.

A good finish to another Great Little Walk!

Don, Thursday 9th July 2015


Distance: 6.2 miles   Climbing: 827 feet


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