GLW1510: A Deeside Quartet

Craigendarroch.  First time back for several years and looking good as ever in its golden autumn colours.

1:  The Seven Bridges

Monday 26th October 2015

Luca has a project to do involving rivers and someone had the bright idea of basing it on bridges which led naturally to the Seven Bridges Walk.  This is an anticlockwise loop starting from Craigendarroch.  It crosses two wooden foot bridges, the first having replaced the road bridge, before the big one over the River Dee.  The return along the south side then uses two distinct and one small road bridges before crossing back into Ballater over the biggest of the lot.

Old #1 bridge

#2 bridge

#3 bridge

#5 bridge

New #1 bridge

Not a bridge

#4 bridge

#6 bridge

#7 bridge

There were also stepping stones and a rain water run-off culvert.   Could they be construed as bridges?  We thought not.

Bonus pictures:


2:  Crathes Castle

Tuesday 27th October 2015

Not really a walk, more of a treasure hunt around the impressive gardens plus playground at the café.  Very well organised for keeping youngsters happy whilst those with botanical leanings studied the plants.

The inside of the castle is also impressive but photos are not allowed so no picture record of that part of the day.


3:  Craigendarroch Hill

Wednesday 28th October 2015

At the back of the complex is the hill from which it takes its name.  It is a shortish but quite steep climb up through light woodland, emerging at the top at a fine viewpoint.  On a clear day, that is.

I could not believe how fast five year old Luca romped up the hill.  I had to dig deep to keep up with him.  And on the descent he stormed away, mainly due to age making me more cautious on the rocky bits- something that didn't seem to bother him.


4:  Vat o'Burn.

Thursday 29th October 2015

Vat o'Burn.  Or is it Burn o'Vat?  Either way it is a lovely short walk though light woodland to then cross stepping stones into the vat.

On a good day, you could scramble up the rocks to above the waterfall but today the rocks were greasy and we were losing the daylight.  We should have returned via the viewpoint but calls of nature took us back the way we approached.  Next time.

Don, October 2015


The Seven Bridge Walk     Craigendarroch Hill



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