GLW1708 : Half a Farfield Round

Sunday 13th August 2017

Not surprisingly, it is becoming increasingly harder to find new Great Little Walks within half an hour's drive from home but today we found one.  Or at least we found half of one.  Unfortunately Margaret had wrenched her back doing too much gardening and found the going a bit tough so the second half awaits us on another day.

The start point was the Farfield Mill.  We did the honorable thing and paid for the full exhibition even though our stay was a little cursory.  The ticket gives us free repeat entry for the next forteen days so maybe we will be back soon.

Our route followed the Clough River eastward.  It's an attractive section with open meadows and distant views of the Howgills and other surrounding fells.  

All was straightforward until Hall Bank where the route didn't seem to correspond with the map.  Don't cross the river if you are seeking to emulate us.

At Dovecote, again the permissive route didn't seem to match the map but maybe its because it is rather old and the path has been rerouted around the farm.  Or maybe I shouldn't have been attempting to take us through the farm anyway.

By this time Margaret's back was causing her problems so we aborted the full round which would have taken us up to Hebblethwaite.   

At Fellgate we received an initially inquisitive then enthusiastic welcome from the four sheepdogs.  

One in particular thought her very fragrant!

We then used the farm's approach track to take us back to the road.

Its track construction was unusual.  The further down the lane we went, the more it became two stoned ridges with a gutter between and the fuller the gutter became with the water draining from the fell.

The track was heavily  foliaged on either side so views were minimal.  Half way down, Margaret needed a rest so we opened a handy gate to pass into a field.

Here was such a magnificent view of the Howgills that after a coffee she was so overcome with the peace and beauty of the place that she nodded off.  

What the farmer might have thought we had been up to had he seen her lying there, I don't know but given our combined ages he probably wouldn't have come to the wrong conclusion!

Anyway, once rested we descended to the minor road and made our way back to the Mill.  I had intended to use Banks Lane but too overgrown was its entrance with nettles.  I don't think anyone has been down there for a long time.

This is a lovely area and little discovered.  One day we will return for the second part of our walk but whether it will be within the two weeks of our ticket somehow I doubt.

Don, Sunday 13th August 2017

 Distance : 4.3 miles      Ascent : 503 feet


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