GLW1903 : Whinfell Tarn

Saturday 10th February 2019

It was a lovely day and one on which we were free of Granny duties so it presented the perfect opportunity for an outing.  But to where?  I was devoid of inspiration but Margaret had a brainwave.  She remembered the Whinfell section of our Dales Way adventure and suggested that we revisit the area.

It was then that it was my turn to have a brainwave.  Whinfell Tarn.  I hadn't realised that Margaret had never been there.  That sealed the deal.

We started where the Dales Way crosses the Appleby Road.  A stroll through open fields and over the River Mint soon.....

.....brought us to the magnificent Shaw End residence.....

..... with its views over to the Howgills .....

...... and then its equally fine coach house.

Here we left the Dales Way and set off for Patton Bridge.  Shortly afterwards we took lane that runs up the west side of Whinfell Tarn as far as Hyning.  

Bridle path and footpath led us around the north end.....

..... where we climbed up to the old School House and the Primitive Methodist Chapel which is in the later stages of conversion (not religious conversion- simply to a dwelling).  Lower down, I spotted something else to interest Margaret. Washing!

Inches before our road converged with the way we had come, we turned for Bracken Fold.  Once we had passed through its remarkably large farm yard, (and more washing) .....

.....we rejoined the Dales Way and returned to the car.

It had really felt like spring.  Daffodils, lambs, gentle weather and splendid views. Definitely a Great Little Walk.

Don, Saturday 10th February 2019



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