GLW1906 : Troutbeck Valley with Bluebells

Sunday 12th May 2019

"There's always a place for Daddy!"

That's what Jamie and Emma used to say when we were hunting for somewhere to park the car on a busy day. And it was still true.  A lateish start on a beautiful Sunday in May.  How likely was it that there was a place left near the Church Bridge at Troutbeck?  Well there was.

Our objective was to walk up the valley as far as The Tongue then return on the other side of the beck.

Once through Limefitt Holiday Park (I nearly typed Caravan Park but now they all have the appearance of wooden lodges and as a consequence seem less conspicuous), we joined the path that climbs gently up the valley. There were at least three cuckoos calling to us.  A buzzard was circling and lots of butterflies, particularly Red Admirals and Peacocks, flitting about.

On the side of the Tongue we could see large patches of blue.  

It was a bit of a surprise to find bluebells on the open hillside like that but it has been a great year for them. Closer examination of them near the quarry proved them to be considerably smaller than the ones found in the woods on GLW1905.  Is it poorer soil?  Or maybe less need to compete?

Returning on the west side of the beck we passed through many fields of mother and baby sheep.  Lambs are almost always attractive but the Herdwick ewes were fine looking also.

The ancient walled paths had abundant spring flowers, including the more normal, longer stemmed bluebells and many other species that Margaret knew what they were but I don't.

Finally, nearing the car I spotted something that I have seen for quite some time on these great little walks. Not one but two lines of washing worth photographing.  

Will Margaret paint them in due course?  Watch this space.  Any resultant artwork will be added to the page.

Don, Sunday 12th May 2019