GLW1907 : Levens Hall from Home

Wednesday 19th June 2019

I don't know how many times we have walked around the Levens Deer Park but it came as a bit of a surprise that we never walked there (and back) from home.  At least, not in the time that Great Little Walks have been recorded and we can't remember doing so before.  So off we set.  GLW1210 had covered much of the ground but not from home.

It was a lovely day.  We walked through Larkrigg to the old canal tow path.  

Down at the farm, work was taking place on a new track.  We think it is for the horses.  Time will tell.

The bluebells were long finished so we didn't detour through the woods but continued along the tow path.....

.....straight on to Sedgwick.....

.....shortly after which we dropped down into the Deer Park, spotting three elusive deer on the way.

At the far end, we crossed the road, into the Hall grounds and visited the spanking new café.  

Margaret enjoyed some exotic combination of things from the Levens garden and castigated me for having nothing more adventurous than a cheese butty.

We made our way back through the deer park on the other (north) side of the river.

There were no Bagot goats to be seen and only three more deer.  Where were they all?

Turning down to the river, we passed under the motorway.  On the concrete pillar opposite were some strange sections.  We still can't work out if they were some form of modern art but if not, what had caused them?

Choosing the western bank and Nanny Pie Lane was probably a mistake as it meant a lengthy stretch of road walking with no clear view of the river.  

We had done so as I had wanted to cross the river by the suspension footbridge but with hindsight it would have been a better walk to be on the east side.

After the bridge, we walked alongside the river for a while; Margaret was hoping to spot a kingfisher but none were playing out.

We pondered for five seconds whether to continue along by the river to Hawes Lane and return back through Natland but a cup of tea was calling so we climbed up through Larkrigg....,

..... back to our bridle path and home

Don, Wednesday 19th June 2019



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