GLW1908 : An English Munro: Scafell Pike

Tuesday 27th August 2019

We were not sure what weather to expect.  As we drove around south-west Cumbria to Wasdale, it was a lovely morning.  Emma was with me in my car; Scott was following us with Luca and Ellie.  A buzzard accompanied us part of the way, hoping from fence post to fence post.

Wasdale looked spectacular as we approached Wast Water.  It was calm and the hills at the head of the lake reflected beautifully in the water.  The high tops were, however, under a thin layer of cloud.

The aim was for Scott to achieve his second English Munro- Scafell Pike.  Helvellyn had been his first.

After parking at the National Trust car park, we set off up the Tourist Route as did many others.  

Would we continue all the way to the top or should we branch off to ascend via Mickledore?  Much would depend on the cloud cover.

Early on, it seemed that keeping to the main path would be the more sensible but as we neared the junction the cloud cleared and we could see the route.

Mickledore it was to be.  The path less travelled.  In fact, no-one else on it, which was a bit of a worry.

Nearing the final climb involved negotiating a bit of scree.  Rather than climb to the col, we chose a side cleft which had obviously been well used.  It provided a nice short easy scramble.  It was then a relatively gentle amble to the summit. Which was busy.  Very!  But the views....!

After the obligatory photos (one being sent to brother Alan for his birthday).....

....we dropped down a little for our lunch stop.

The descent was fun.  Trying to keep up with Luca was quite a challenge but I just about managed to keep him within calling distance!  

The trouble was that I had promised the first one back an ice cream.  I had of course intended to promise the same to the rest of the party, irrespective of position but he was off like a shot.  Spots of rain made some of the rocks a little skiddy but it didn't slow him down that much!

Unfortunately the caravan canteen at the car park had closed.  Fortunately Scott had to stop for petrol at Broughton in Furness on the way home and, yes, the garage did have the promised rewards.  A happy day.  

Don, Tuesday 27th June 2019



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