GLW2102 : Boxing Round Helm

Tuesday 12th January 2021

Am I becoming a schizo?  Was this a Great Little Walk or a BOOTboys outing?

Answer:  Both.  Just like last week.

The BOOTboys mission was to hunt for postboxes of different reigns.  Our overlapping intent was to have a Great Little Walk on what was lovely day.  The fact that these were concurrent was a bonus.

Margaret and I set off for Barrows Green where the first postbox was to be found. I don't intend to say much about them.  If you are interested, then see BB2102 : On The Trail Of Postman Pat.

We had debated whether to go over Helm or round by Back of Helm as we call it. Don't know if has a proper name.  Likewise the tarn.

Anyway, it is the road on the south eastern side.  This had been the original plan as there was a postbox I wanted to "bag" on Beehive Lane.  That would have involved passing through at least two farmyards.  However we thought it unfair to farmers, given the worsening Coronavirus situation.  Instead I decided that if I could see it, then that was good enough.

There is a steep climb near the Helmside Farm part of the road and the top is the path that leads to the northern summit of Helm.  I reckoned that from just beyond the stile I could just make out the red of the postbox in the distance.  Job done and up we go.

Seven shaggy cows ....

..... and seven wild horses were not at all interested in us as we climbed.  

The view over Kendal from the top was superb with touches of snow to be seen on the distant Lakeland hills.  

Next target was Oxenholme station where a postbox was hiding.  It was strange to reflect that this was the first time in over a year that either of us had set foot on the station forecourt, never mind catch a train (which of course we didn't ,though several seemed to be running).

There is a highly unusual metal sculpture to be passed.  Margaret hadn't seen it before.

We now needed to walk the full length of Oxenholme, noting the box that is outside what used to be a shop and Post Office but is now empty.  On reaching Burton Road we turned left to a box where you had to get up early to catch the postman- 9 a.m. through the week and 7 a.m. on Sunday!

Further along, we examined what we could see of the new sheltered housing development.  "Your future starts here."  But for how long?

Just one more to go.  Down Helm Lane and across the Green to the Post Office.

Job done, home in time for lunch.  And that's it for the day.  Not allowed to go out again!

Don, Tuesday 12th January 2012



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