GLW2103 : A New Dallam Round

Sunday 17th January 2021

At last, a Great Little Walk that wasn't a subset of a BOOTboys outing!

The object was to have a short wander that complied with the Lockdown guidelines.  The trouble is that the guidelines are very vague as to how far you can travel for exercise.  We decided that Milnthorpe was within our local area, whatever that means.  We were likely to encounter less folk than had we stayed very local.  Nevertheless we travelled through back lanes to avoid being stopped by an over-zealous Derbyshire inspired policeman.  To prove our social responsibility, we paid £3 to park rather than leave the car for free somewhere unwanted.

First we had to cross the Dallam Tower Deer Park, noting the Marker Cairn that points the ways to Beetham, Haverbrack or back to Milnthorpe.  The photo will come in handy if this does prove to be a BB outing.

Next was the bridle path to Wray Cottage. 

Here we turned north up a track I don't recall climbing before.  I thought there might be view into the Haverbrack Quarry but not so. Consequently the climb was somewhat featureless with no views  However at the top is a mysterious building.  It looks like a nuclear bunker but is more likely to be a water tank for the quarry. 

Dropping down is another matter.  As you descend, the view over the upper estuary opens up splendidly and in the distance we could just make out the snow-capped Lakeland Fells.

There was also a clear view of Heversham Head, the scene of our first outing this year.

The map shows a short footpath that leads to Hollins Well, though admittedly not necessarily a public one.  The existence of a fence was a sort of indicator that visitors were not encouraged but nor was this one discouraged.  However, having succesfully found the well, I have to report that sadly it is hardly worth the effort unless I need another an "on the ground" picture for the BOOTboys.

Down at coast level we followed the old railway track round by the confluence of the Kent and the Bela before it vanished to be replaced by fields.

A heron was waiting patiently at the weir.

Rather than face the perils of the road, we finished off the outing by returning via Dallam Towers where I was trying to determine what flag was flying.

As we neared the road, the ducks were getting stuck into titbits being amply provided by a young girl.

Will this now be adopted as a BOOTboys walk?  Watch this space!

Don, Sunday 17th January 2021