GLW2105 : The Secret Swing

Thursday 11th February 2021

I hadn't expected this to turn into a Great Little Walk so I didn't take my camera.  But it did so I have had to rely on that on my phone, hence photos not as good as they might have been.

We parked by the inevitably covidly closed Strickland Arms and walked up, in glorious winter sunshine, past the similarly closed (except for carry-out coffee) Sizergh Castle and up to Helsington Church, also shut.  It was quite busy on the way but there is one place that you are almost guaranteed to find a quite pleasant place to rest your weary legs and that is in the churchyard.

Margaret was in good form so we decided to carry on to Helsington Barrows, enjoying the superb views of the snow topped Lakeland hills.  

I thought we had agreed to drop down to Barrowfield but was overruled.  We were to head east to pick up the Brigsteer Road.

What a good decision.  We followed a path that is not shown on the map but is clearly intended to be used through the boundary wall gate.  

When the path split, we took what appeared to be the route less travelled but in a better direction for us.  It led down to an unusual looking group of trees, one of which had a most unexpected attachment.

A swing.  

Not just a rope slung over a branch but a proper swing with strong metal links on the immensely long chains.  I don't think I have ever seen a swing with such a long reach.

Confessing that she used to spend hours on swings as a child, Margaret leapt on and could well have spent hours there as an adult but we hadn't had our lunch so other priorities took over.  We had to get back home.

As we walked, we agreed how much fun the grandchildren could have there and how we must tell Emma all about our discovery.

Click on the picture for the movie

Soon we reached the road, crossed and more or less retraced our steps back to the car.

Margaret texted Emma to tell her all about the swing, how it is hidden on the hill but how to find it.  The kids will love it, she finished.  Emma's reply was succinct.  "Yes.  They do."

As Doris Day might have sung: Our Secret Swing's No Secret Anymore.

Don, Thursday 11th February.

5.2 miles  574 feet