GLW2106 : In Search of Animals!

Tuesday 16th February 2021

This was the third of our our brief outings trying to find interesting and suitable things to photo for the BOOTboys' BB2107 Victor Ludorum competition.  The first two, around Oxenholme then the north end of Kendal hadn't produced enough suitable entries so we decided to take advantage of a reasonable day to walk up the fields on the left bank of the River Kent from Burneside.

Being exhausted after a mile and half's exertion we oldies had to stop to recover our strength.  Fortunately we had a flask and emergency rations for such a contingency.  That is the case for the defence, Mr Gove.

Refuelled we crossed the Cowan Head golf course, private for the residents of the converted mill and much expanded from the three holes that I remember to at least 17.  Or at least one tee had the number 17 on it.

The mill .....

.....and the weir look much more interesting from this side of the river.

At the Hagg Foot foot bridge we crossed and returned along the footpath through Bowston and back to Burneside.  Although much of this path is alongside the road, it is raised up and is surprisingly pleasant, at least when (as per today) there is not much traffic.

The target subjects were animals though they could be real, articifical or part of signs or plaques.  Strangely, for open countryside, it was the real animals that were particularly scarce.  I did manage to find a few non-real objects albeit that in the end my winners were from Oxenholme.  Not that that mattered, it was a pleasant stroll along a stretch of the river that we have seldom walked.

Don, Tuesday 16th February 2021

3.8 miles  212 feet