GLW2108 : In Search Of Goody Nook

Saturday 27th February 2021

Many years ago, we can't quite remember when, we were very interested in buying a house in Garth Row, a tiny hamlet to the north of Kendal, just off the A6 before the Longsleddale turning.  We thought we would have a look for it then walk the old lanes to Burneside Hall and back.

Fortunately we were able to park in the small lay-by just where I wanted then descended the narrow road to the centre of the hamlet, passing two very different types of birds on the way.


There at the cross-roads is the house that Brian & Christine rented.  I took a photo to remind us and them but unfortunately I seemed to be suffered a bout of hand shake as that and several other photos came out blurred.

Our memory of where Goody Nook, the house we nearly bought, was located was vague.

I thought it was in the hamlet, Margaret thought it a bit out.  

We both spotted houses that might be right but they weren't.  

We gave up and took the "white lane" towards Oakbank.  

I remember driving along this when it was a proper road (albeit extremely narrow).  

I wouldn't like to try it now although it is probably still legitimate. 

We passed and also so in the distance several Thirlmere Pipeline gates that reminded us of our Up the Pipeline adventure several years.

We didn't cross the footbridge to Sprint Mill as that would have subsequently meant trudging through many more potentially boggy fields.

At a spooky looking Burneside Hall took the minor road that heads over to Garnett Bridge.

After a mile or so there is a junction where we took the narrow and very steep lane down to the Bridge.  I don't recall ever having been down there before.

After crossing the River Sprint, it climbs up to Garth Row.  Nearing the village we met a woman walking a very large and extremely friendly dog.  I was pleased with myself that I correctly identified it as a deerhound.  Not only could this lady direct us to Goody Nook (she lived next door) it turned out that we had several friends and acquaintances in common.

We had both been right.  Goody Nook is part of the hamlet but just a bit out on the road heading south.  The grounds were larger than I remember and the property had been considerably developed from when we last saw it, which is no great surprise given the length of time.  

Margaret reminded me that we had put an offer in for the house.  She thought that the owners had taken a shine to us and really wanted us to be the purchasers but we fell short of their bottom line.  Personally I am glad we didn't move there.  Nice as it is, Garth Row is too isolated for me.  The house was eventually bought by the Hicks, the couple who would become Jamie and Emma's headmaster and deputy at Natland Primary School.

The walk finished with a very steep climb up a narrow path that took us back to where we had left the car.

It had been an interesting outing.  The weather had been fine but frustratingly the cloud bank was just south of Kendal as so very often happens.  Another reason not to have moved to Goody Nook!

Don, Saturday  27th February 2021

Bonus Pictures


4.0 miles  557 feet