GLW2112 : The Garden Of Eden?

Thursday 18th March 2021

“Come quick,” I shouted down the stairs.  Margaret came quick, worried in case something adverse had befallen me.  “Look there,” I pointed.  Sat on the railing was a rather large bird.  We think thought it was a Kestrel. Or maybe a Falcon or a Sparrowhawk.  Whichever, it seemed a good omen for the day.

We parked outside the Sun at Crook.  Open for takeaway lunches on Friday.  It was only Thursday so we had come prepared with butties.  Except that I left the rucksack behind in the car.  Fortunately we had only gone about a quarter of a mile before we realised and I had to return to retrieve it.

Our objective was a circular walk on roads to the north of Crook.  The short stretch along the B5284 is a bit hazardous for pedestrians but once we turned north, heading towards Ashes, the roads were very quiet.

The views were delightful.  Howgills to the west .....

..... and round to the Kentmere fells in the north.  

Across the fields I could see washing at New Hall so, first time for a long time, I photographed it for Margaret.  The trouble was, she said it was a children’s play area with slides etc.  Once we had turned left and passed much closer to the farm we could see who was right.  We both were!

Here the Dales Way joined us and it was quite a climb up the road.  Worth it however.  At the top we had a great view of the Coniston fells round to the Langdales.  And a superb view of the butties we had brought, enjoyed whilst sitting on a mossy bank with our backs to the wall.  No-one to tell us off this time.

We parted company with the Dales Way at Fell Plain and dropped down towards Crook.  Shortly before reaching the main road I noticed a house for sale sign and a small tarn.  There didn’t seem to be anyone about so we thought we should explore.

Clearly a house had been demolished.  Margaret thinks that it had at one time been owned by Frankie Vaughan.  I knew that he had been an evacuee in Endmoor during WWII but I hadn’t heard that he had a house in Crook.

Well, if he had owned Rowanthwaite, it ain’t there no more.

The land has been cleared in readiness for the construction of something much grander as the Ashdown Jones brochure clearly shows.

It certainly is in a splendid, sunny position with its private lake.

Maybe Frankie had thought it the Garden of Eden.

It is a bit too close to the road for my liking but on the other hand, a more positive way of looking at it is that it is very close to the Crook Pinfold and, more importantly, the Sun Inn.  I can just imagine him walking home on a dark night singing Give me the moonlight....... before creeping to find out the secret of what was happening behind his Green Door.

We had a nice surprise on returning to the car.  Coming down the road to collect her newspaper was Margaret's erstwhile Save the Children comrade Meriel whom we had not seen in quite a long time.  Happy reminiscences ensued.

Don, Thursday 18th March 2021

4.4 miles, 526 feet


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