GLW2121 : From a Tent to a Shed

Sunday 26th June 2021

Glamping has gone a stage further.  Hot from the GLW2120 tent success, Margaret wanted to go one stage better and glamp in a shed though the proprietors call it a Luxury Pod. In reality it was more like a nice small caravan without wheels.  Settee that drops down to make a  comfortable double bed, kitchen area in which the biggest thing is the microwave and a bathroom where you have to wear knee pads to sit on the loo.  It did have a good shower though.

The location was Rothbury, chosen because it is very close to Cragside and near to Alnwick.  Two sets of gardens to admire.

Fortunately it was a nice day to drive.  Splendid views over to the Lake District as we climbed to Alston.....

..... and pleasant countryside all the way to Rothbury.  A man stopped us just before a bend.  Had there been an accident?  No, it was a cycling event and the ladies were just about to come through.  

Rothbury is a pleasant small town, the Capital of Croquetdale.  I had another reason to visit.  The UK's best company from which to buy a gps is based there and I wanted to try a new one- the SatMap Active 20.  I bought it of course.  

Jon, who owns the business, recommended the Anglers Arms a Weldon for dinner so that is where we went that evening.  Nice pub, good grub, just a bit further away than I would have liked after a day's driving, especially as there was what seemed to be a long detour due to road works.


Monday 27th June

Destination Alnwick Gardens, then Castle, then Gardens again. We remembered the gardens from many years before when we visited with Gran.  New the, they have now matured with several small specialist areas, roses and things (I'm not very good at remembering plants (or much else these days).  However I do remember the cascade and it is still impressive.

The castle also is impressive, though more interesting on the outside than the inside.  

It is where Harry Potter learned to fly his broomstick and took part in the quiddich competitions.  There was a class in progress though it looked like the magic dust had not yet reached the young participants.

Back to the gardens for the inevitable purchase then off to Alnmouth for sand and ice cream.  It is a lovely long, sandy beach.

Supper was within walking distance of the Pod- at the Hewcastle House pub where strangely part of the bar converts to an Indian restaurant in the evening.  Very enjoyable.


Tuesday 28th June

We had hoped to stay on for another night but it was not to be- we were to be out-podded.  First stop Cragside, the home of Victorian industrialist and inventor, William Armstrong.  We remembered it from many years before, though not the Bavarian looking outbuildins.

We had a pleasant stroll through the grounds before climbing to the house.  

Sadly the rhododendrons were nearly over.  Two or three weeks earlier it must have been splendid.  The house must been a palace of wonders in Victorian times with every new-fangled gadget available and the most bizarrely elaborate fireplace.

The formal gardens we some distance away but presumably lord Armstrong had a mighty fine vehicle to take him there.  Very impressive with good views over the Saddle hills.

On the way home we stopped at Wallington, again vaguely remembered from many years ago,.....

.....especially for the pictures of Jamie and Emma on the carved heads of strange beasts by the roadside.

We opted not to go round the house but to head for the formal gardens which also were quite some distance away.  Impressive.

Fortunately the weather continued kind so we were able to enjoy the drive home through the Northumbrian and Cumbrian countryside.  

A very enjoyable short break with lots of great little walks around great big gardens.  The question is, having been in a tent and a shed- what next? !!

Don, 28th June 2021

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