GLW2125 : Jenny and the Wolf

Saturday 18th December 2021

It came as quite a surprise to me that Margaret had never been to Jenny Brown's Point but when I checked the records I discovered that my only visit was on BOOTboys outing BB1103 on which we had encountered Emma and Scott there.

This had to be put right.

Whether this was the right day to do so was open to question.  The fog was supposed to have cleared but when we parked near the Wolf House much of the area was covered in mist.

The path through the woods and down to the shore was very slippery in parts and that on the moss was initially rather boggy.  Why had we come today?

Soon we got the answer.

Going round by the Brown Houses tower....

..... past the broken pier.....

.... and the muddy estuary ....

..... then along the cliff above Jenny Brown's Point

..... were some quite magical views.  

Clearly we were on the edge of the weather front.  In stark contrast, a little further along the visibility was excellent.

At Gibraltar Farm is the Rapunzel-like Lindeth Tower which used to be a favourite retreat of Elizabeth Gaskell and these days remains a rather up-market holiday cottage.  

The Wolf House has a slogan above the door.  HOMO HOMINUS LUPUS which translates as "A man is a wolf to another man".  In our case the slogan should read "A man and a woman were wolves to a flapjack", in the cafe next door.

What followed was the drive home with a spooky full moon, low in the sky shining through the re-forming mist.

What a great little walk.

Don, Saturday 18th December 2021

2 Miles, 264 feet

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