UW02 : Aira Force to Glenridding

Sunday 18th July 2017

Although lovely, the Ullswater Way is a little unbalanced in terms of length of individual stages especially if, like us, you opt for four. However our cunning plan to add some balance had been to omit Aira Force from the "official" stage one and add it to today's stage two.

It was probably the most glorious day of the year so far- potentially hotter than I experienced in Crete last week when visiting Jamie- consequently an early start was a wise move.  We alighted at the Aira Force bus stop and immediately put the plan to good use (or alternatively to threaten its effectiveness) by diving into the café.

It was still a glorious day as we made our way up through the glen and down the steps to the first bridge, with its dramatic waterfalls.

It also features a memorial to the extremely distinguished Cecil Spring Rice who in additional to his American ambassadorial role, wrote the words to "I vow to the my country".


This was followed by a climb to the second bridge, where a plaque commemorates Cecil's brothers, Stephen and Gerald. Continuing upwards along less developed paths led us to and over the more modern and less dramatic third bridge.  Time to return down the other side of the beck, cross back over the second bridge and strike off out of the glen to the Dockray Road.

After descending a short distance, we turned right into fields of buttercups that led us eventually to the lakeside path (except at this section, the path was on the non-lakeside of the road).

It did cross over after Glencoyne Bridge, turning into a delightful, gently undulating track with splendid views up.....

..... across and.....

.....  down the lake.

Soon Glenridding was reached and the Ramblers Bar tested.  Returning to the car, we passed two ladies sat painting as in an episode of Watercolour Challenge.  Personally I preferred the first lady's palette to either of their pictures!

Now this short stretch is out of the way we are ready for the two-day assault on the east side of the lake.

Don, Sunday 18th June 2017


Stats:  I didn't have my gps with me and my phone tracklog had us walking on water part of the time! As if! Once corrected, this read 4.2 miles and 554 feet of climbing.

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