UW04 : Howtown to Pooley Bridge

Sunday 2nd July 2017

I awoke feeling rather fragile.  Nothing to do with last night’s jolly evening of course.  Just a bad night’s sleep.  

Two cars went to Pooley Bridge where Ian found an extremely good value car park.  Team reunited in one car, we headed off to our personal parking space at Howtown Wyke which just happened to be directly opposite the footpath that we were to follow for the next three miles.

What a contrast to yesterday’s track.  This one was a very gentle, progressive rise, offering potentially great views up and down the lake. Unfortunately the “up the lake” views were not as bright as they might have been due to a heavy cloud cover.  Down the lake” interest was enhanced by dozens of yachts preparing to set off racing.  Cynthia later discovered that it was the 55th Lord Birkett Memorial Trophy weekend.

After the gun fired and they set off, again the steamer had obstruction problems.

Further up the track was a large stone that seemed out of place.  It turned out to be a memorial to Alfred Wainwright. Carved into the rock is a depiction of the lake and the text:

That loveliest of lakes Ullswater curving gracefully into the far distance

It made a good seat for a team picture!

Eventually we left the lake and reached the Roman Road High Street and The Cockpit, about which the Lake District National Park website says:

High above Ullswater, the windswept upland known as Moor Divock is scattered with prehistoric monuments. The Cockpit is one of the most impressive. It's a circular stone bank, 27 metres (90 feet) across, with larger stones set into its inner face. Like all stone circles, its original purpose is a mystery. It may have been for rituals and gatherings, or a sign of land ownership.

Click on the picture above for a full 360 degree view of the stone circle

This was the turning point although the official sign was highly misleading and it took a bit of helpful graffiti to identify the correct direction.  It was a broad track down to Pooley Bridge and Granny Dowbekin's cafe where it had all kicked off back in April. The purpose of the Scampi & Chips was not a mystery.  It was a sort of ritual gathering celebratory feast!

That’s another “Way” completed.  Although short in comparison with some that we have done, the Ullswater Way is unsurpassed in terms of scenery.

Should we do it again one day, perhaps the other way round?  UW03 is the problem- it’s a long stretch and involves a lot of steep, rocky  up and down paths.  But we could cheat and do that section by boat!

Or maybe the whole lot?

Don, Sunday 2nd July 2017

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