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Wedding Ceremony 

The wedding will take place at 2 p.m. on Saturday 18th July 2009
at the
Unitarian Chapel in the Market Place, Kendal.  

photo courtesy of Matthew Emmot

For the history and photos of this lovely old chapel see Visit Cumbria.  
There is more information at
Unitarian Chapel and BBC Cumbria.


Parking for Ceremony:

The Unitarian Chapel has no parking facilities and the Market Place is pedestrianised on Saturdays.  There is limited free parking on New Road but the most convenient parking will be at the bus station car park (pay on exit) on Blackhall Road.  See South Lakeland District Council's Kendal Town Map or, if you prefer, that by Kendal Town Council

You can walk undercover from the bus station car park through the Westmorland Shopping Centre to the Market Place.  Leave by the street exit on the upper shopping level, into the market place and turn left.  You will find the entrance to the chapel yard at the top of Branthwaite Brow- immediately after Edwards clothes shop and before the George and Dragon public house.


Wedding Reception       

Venue: The reception will be at Emma’s family home, in the garden at Cracalt House, Natland, Kendal LA9 7QS.  

See Interactive Map for location.  For a printer friendly version of how to drive from the bus station car park to Cracalt House, see Directions.

Weather permitting, there will be drinks and canapés on the lawn followed by the formal reception in a marquee, after which there will be a ceilidh.

Diet:  If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know well in advance.

Warning!: Ladies in particular should note that this is a country style reception and be prepared for inclement weather, slippery steps and wet grass!

Further Warning!: The band leader points out that high-heeled stiletto type shoes can be dangerous for Ceilidh dancing as an ankle can easily be twisted.  He recommends these be removed before dancing!

Playlist:  Emma and Scott hope to compile a playlist to be used when the band is not playing.  If you have a favourite track that you would like included, please let them know.


Parking at Reception    

Parking is very limited at Cracalt House but we hope to have access to the farm field on the left 50 yards before our gateway.  If you are coming by car, it would be appreciated if you could use that field for parking.



There is a wide range of accommodation locally but, being in the school holidays, early booking is recommended.The Cumbria Tourism website has details of all types of accommodation in the Kendal area. See Accommodation.


Wedding List   

Please do not feel under any obligation to provide a wedding present.  Emma and Scott have not compiled a conventional Wedding List.  

However, they are saving to buy a Camper Van so if you would like to contribute to their Camper Van Fund, they would be delighted!



The official photographer is Caroline Trotter but, if you bring your camera, we would welcome copies of your favourite digital photos.  We plan to put a medley of photos from the event on-line on this website.  Please send them by .

Your can see the results of Caroline's pre-wedding shoot at Photos.


Pre or Post Wedding Plans       

If you are planning on making a holiday of it, then please let us know and perhaps some joint activites could be organised.

If enough people are interested in a group walk on Sunday 19th July, suitable routes will be suggested according to fitness levels and weather conditions.

Please advise if you are interested and, if so, in which category you would put yourself:

  • Easy: Up to 5 miles and 1,000 feet of climbing
  • Moderate: Up to 8 miles and 2,000 feet of climbing
  • Strenuous: Up to 12 miles and 3,000 feet of climbing

Walkers will require suitable boots and (hopefully not needed) bad weather clothing.


About Kendal and Natland

Kendal is an old market town in South Lakeland.  It lies just outside the Lake District National Park and as such has easy access to some of England's finest countryside.  

You can discover more at the official Kendal, Gateway to the Lakes website, or at the excellent, privately maintained Visit Cumbria.

Natland is a village two miles south of Kendal.  There is a lot of information about the village on the Natland website.


Interactive Map of Cracalt House, Natland and the World

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