BOOTboys as we were!


Bryan's yesterdays

The original Bob Graham photo on top of Skiddaw (taken at 01:23 am on 17th June 1989) featuring Stan and me flanking Vince Devlin.

March 1990, when I used to take a few people out for a run on a Saturday mornings.  A young Mark Pilkington in front, Ian in camouflage gear at the rear but who are the two in the middle?

Bryan, 11th January 2007


Tony's first big walk

in which Tony, clad in oilskins, proves that deep sea trawlermen can do the three peaks!


1973  Coniston Old Man 

The young men of Coniston.....

..... 1973 style

Messrs Shore, Rose and Shiels.  Pictures probably taken by Dave Gray.

Contributed by John Shiels


1989 Scafell Pike

It's 1989 and Mike with son Sam plus me, son Jamie and dog Biggles conquer Scafell Pike after camping at Sprinkling Tarn where we saw a terrorist.



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BOOT boys

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This page contains archive photos from the youthful days of BOOTboys, a loose group of friends of mature years who enjoy defying the ageing process by getting out into the hills as often as possible!

As most live in South Lakeland, it is no surprise that our focus is on the Lakeland fells and the Yorkshire Dales.

As for the name, BOOTboys, it does not primarily derive from an item of footwear but is in memory of Big Josie, the erstwhile landlady of the erstwhile Burnmoor Inn at Boot in Eskdale, who enlivened Saint Patrick's Day 1973 and other odd evenings many years ago!

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