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GLW091028: Glen Muick

28th October 2009

The plan was to walk over the shoulder of Lochnagar but when we reached loch Muick, the weather didn't look at all promising.  So we retreated down the valley to the bridge at Mill of Sterin and walked up the western side of the glen, past an impressive waterfall, featured in the Mrs Brown film, up to the bridge just above it, clearly shown on my paper map.

Unfortunately it is no longer there so we had to retrace our steps down the valley and continued past Birkhall with its sentry box and monster tree shredding machine, to the Dee road and then back up the eastern side to the car, in the course of which we passed several washings, a scurriestone guarded by a highand cow, a hidden tower and a glimpse of Birkhall.

Artist's impression of the early morning
view from Schofield Lodge,



Distance: 10.1 miles



Craigendarroch 2009:

Glen Muick

Glen Quich to Glen Lui

Glen Tanar anticlockwise

Craigendarroch Hill


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