BB1208 : The Colour Supplement

2nd March 2012

No adventures to report this week so here is the BOOTboys Colour Supplement containing:

  • Features item about The Three Pint Problem followed by
  • our Finance & Economic Review concerning The Euro's Ailing Parents, and
  • the Sports Report introducing The BAGNOLOboys.

I know it used to be a walking blog, but you have to move with the times.  If people will go away (me included), what more can you expect?




The Three Pint Problem

One BOOTboy who wishes to remain anonymous reports the highly unusual experience (for him) of only being able to manage three pints in a day due to circumstances beyond his control.

Obviously not Pete, who is shown here managing three pints in as many minutes.

Rumour has it that for such achievement he won the pub prize- six more pints to be supped that night.

Our correspondent informs me that he took full advantage of his winnings.


Three Pint Pete in action

Meanwhile our aforementioned anonymous former Greggy's pastie loving member has confessed that he too has a "thing" about Ranvir and reports that he was aware that the hotelier previously referred to as being an Alex fan feels likewise.  The reason for this biker's anonymity is that he hasn't been forgiven for calling the other party's car, a Honda S2000 sports machine, a hairdresser's car.

Mike wishes it to be known that he is NOT the BOOTboy hotelier who is a member of the Alex Polizzi Appreciation Society (APAS).  So that narrows down the field somewhat, doesn't it, James?

In fact Mike is distinctly not a fan of Alex.  He recalls taking his mother-in-law to her hotel for tea only to find that Alex had a photographer there doing a shoot and was rather rude. [He actually used a rather stronger word! - Ed]

On the other hand, he has total admiration for her mother, Olga Polizzi, who had great taste in interior design.  He also reminds readers that her grandfather was Charles Forte

Here endeth this edition's gossip.  


Finance & Economic Review

The Euro's Ailing Parents

On the less steep parts of our wanderings, we frequently put the world to rights.  One regular topic concerns the Euro, about which there are few enthusiasts.

Lying in bed on Sunday, half asleep, I suddenly realised that the 8:45 slot was a discourse on European Monetary Union.

Or, to be precise, on previous attempts.

I had been totally unaware that in the mid 1860s there had been a Latin Monetary Union (to which Greece was a late and disastrous entrant) and that it collapsed due to the individual governments pursuing individual ends.  

See The Euro's Ailing Parents
for a fuller review.

There was also a Scandinavian attempt that failed similarly.  

The only one that worked was the German monetary union where there was much stronger central control.  

Plus ça change!


The Sports Report

The Bagnoloboys

John S draws our attention to a sport that is as old as the hills we walk, as reported in the Irish Independent, Daily Telegraph and the Hindustan Times, so it must be true.

 Laura Maggi of Bagnolo Mella

In a bar in a small town called Bagnolo Mella in Lombardy, Laura Maggi suddenly found men beating a path to her door.

Surprisingly, this was not for the quality of her coffee and aperitifs, but because she was turning up for work in (or out of) highly revealing outfits.

Male customers started flocking to Le Café leaving the surrounding streets clogged with their double-parked cars.

Bagnolo’s lady mayor, Cristina Almici, is quoted as saying:

We have received several complaints from women about the bar and we are looking at what we can do with regard to public order.  There has been a huge influx of traffic into the town since the news of Laura started to spread and this has led to incidents of bad parking and some minor acts of vandalism.

We can’t stop people from going to her bar and I know it is very popular with men in the town – personally I don’t see any problem with how she looks or dresses.

Paradoxically, she then added:

My husband is certainly not allowed to go!

John wondered if there was a walking group called the BAGNOLOboys?   
He suggested some form of cultural exchange with them and asked for volunteers.

Unfortunately, Pete misheard John's pronunciation of the name of the Italian club and vowed that he not have anything or anyone to do with Strictly Scum Dancing, as he termed it.

Meanwhile, John was imagining the peaks that could be conquered by the BOOTboys and, sportingly, rushed to the travel agent to book his flight to Italy in order to do the research,  As he said, "The thigh's the limit."

It's good to know that the spirit of Big Josie lives on!


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