BB1212 : A QuadErratic Equation

Thursday 28th March 2012

A silly joke for those who remember their school mathematics:

Four BOOTboys found the wrong solution to the Norber problem.

It was a QuadErratic Equation!

If you have forgotten your maths lessons and need a reminder of the root of the joke,
Quadratic Equation.

Does that bring back any memories?

A QuadErratic Equation, on the other hand, is just plain wrong!

For the benefit of those who have forgotten the meaning of the geological term Erratic, it refers to piece of rock that differs from the size and type of rock native to the area in which it rests

Had there been four of us (i.e. quad) to solve the location of the Norber Erratics, something which the seven of us failed to do on our last attempt (see BB1134), the term "Quaderratic Equation" might have made tenuous sense. But Stan dropped out, leaving just three of us.

Hence yet again, a QuadErratic Equation is just plain wrong.

Somehow Trierratic doesn't quite work, does it ?? !!!

But having written the opening before the event, it had to be woven into the story!

Of today's team ( or should I say class? ), I was the only member of the previous Comitibus. Bryan and Tony were untarnished by the failure.

It was funny how Tony and I managed to persuade Bryan (today's chauffeur) that the best parking place at Austwick was outside the Game Cock Inn.  Not that we had an ulterior motive, you will understand, as we fully expected it to be closed by the time we returned.

It promised to be a fine spring day as we set off past the old boy reading his paper in the sunshine.  In this lovely village, even the hay barns are superior stone built buildings!

Robin Proctor's Scar

Where we went wrong last time on Robin Proctor's Scar, and I regret that I was largely to blame, was that we went too far west and too high too quickly and thereby completely missed the Norber Erratics.  

This time, no mistake was made and we found ourselves in a field of large boulders.

Bryan explained which of them were erratics, pointing out that they are made of sandstone and were carried down Crummock Dale as the ice age glacier retreated, bringing them to rest in limestone country.  Over the years, the earth washed away leaving many erratics standing on limestone pedestals.

Comitibus : Norber Erratics

After a lengthy inspection of several specimens, we continued up the hill, taking lunch (and in Tony's case, a snooze) on Long Scar.  It was such a nice day we festered for the best part of an hour.

Ingleborough across Long Scar

Comitibus : Long Scar

Rested and replenished, we continued past the lower Moughton Scar (along the top of which we had travelled last time) and around the top of the upper scar, eventually turning south to descend to the path down to the valley.  

Moughton Scar, Pen-y-Ghent behind, left

Moughton Scar, Ingleborough behind

On the way we passed some droppings from some remarkably large animal.  Or maybe a dinosaur?  At the other end of the scale was a tiny ladybird.  A dollybird?

Dinosaur dung?


More limestone pavement, this time with shooting hides on Moughton Scar

The descent from Maughton Scar

The temple gateway guardian

There was a bizarre rock formation to be seen, reminiscent of a deity carved out of rock outside some far eastern jungle temple.  Or perhaps the guardian of a pyramid?

Looking across Moughton Scar

Tony's renovation project

Shortly before reaching the road, we discovered a small metal plate in the ground with the inscription HAMBARKER & Co LTD WESTMINSTER.  It seems to be some sort of stop tap cover.

Back in the village, the old boy was still sat in his doorway, newspaper finished and, he claimed, three books.  Three pints more likely!  Talking of which, to our surprise, the Game Cock was still open so it would have been discourteous not to have paid our respects.

Ham  Barker & Co Westminster

The dedicated friendly staff

The pub lived up to its promotional boast about "dedicated friendly staff".

The visit gave rise to a new mathematical puzzle.  If Tony can drink three pints in three minutes, how many pints can three BOOTboys consume in one hour?

The answer remains a closely guarded secret but I am pleased to report that we travelled home safely, in glorious sunshine, having successfully solved all posed equations.

Don, 29th March 2012


Light thrown on (and by) the Tank

It shows my ignorance.  I assumed that the reference to canal defence light tank in BB1211 was to a an armoured vehicle that did not weigh very much!

A Canal Defence Light Tank

John L, however, was more enlightened (!) and realised that it was a tank with a canal defence light.

He referred the Brougham Hall commorative plaque which commemorated "the then top secret canal defence light tank project" to a former colleague of ours, the remarkable Dr Phil Judkins, amongst whose many talents is an expert knowledge of World War II technologies.

Not unexpectedly, Phil was able to throw much light (!) on the project.  To find out more, see Canal Defence Light Tank.




Thursday 28th March 2012

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Norber Erratics


Bryan, Don, Tony

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