BB1236 : Sorry, John!

Thursday 8th November 2012

We very nearly had a rather inadvertently shrunk team out today.

John Hn had kindly offered to pick me up but, when I discovered Margaret was going early into town, I phoned him to say that the service was not necessary.  I thought I had left a message on his answerphone but it seems that I pressed the wrong button (i.e. off) and ended up talking to myself.  Consequently, he didn’t get the message, made an unnecessary and time consuming detour to find the house dead.

All of which made him late for James and then necessitated a mad dash into town to arrive just in the nick of the scheduled time.

Sorry, John!

However, they needn’t have rushed as the bus was ten minutes late, which is what threw Philip.  

Rather than waiting at his stop, frustrated, he caught a different bus into town, then realised it was literally going round the houses, jumped off and phoned Ann to pick him up to run him to the bus station.

Ironically the bus he had jumped off arrived before he did!

All was well in the end. After trauma-free Bryan joined us at the next stop, we were all on the same bus, destination Grasmere.

One bus, no Philip!

The weather was surprisingly iffy.  It was supposed to have cleared up by late morning.

Sour Milk Gill falls

There was no sign of that happening as we set off up the at times knee-deeply boggy Easedale valley, stopping briefly for James to engage in conversation a gun-toting passerby.  It transpired that his targets had been grey squirrels, not trespassing walkers.

Sour Milk Gill falls looked spectacular as we climbed up towards Easedale Tarn.

Further on, we were looking for a sheltered place out of wind and rain for a coffee stop.  

The BOGboys

Easedale Tarn

The only convenient location was occupied but, as we arrived, the incumbents kindly moved on.  After the break, we could see them in the distance making heavy weather (in heavy weather) of the climb up to Codale Tarn. Inevitably, one of our team had to give chase. Last time, on the Old Man; BB1235, it had been Stan’s task.  It will be no surprise to those who have read Bryan’s account of A Book In A Month that, today, it was Don who had to reel them in.

Codale Tarn

Job well and truly done, I waited for the others to catch up.  First Philip and then the other three.  I thought I had done well in upholding the honour of the BOOTboys but it was a rather different story to that of Stan’s glorious failure.  It transpired that this party had contained geriatrics, two of which found the going too tough and retreated down the valley. Nevertheless, a win is a win.

Sour Milk Gill upper reaches

Codale tarn left, Easedale Tarn right

We lunched up above Codale Tarn then took the direct ascent to Blea Rigg. After a good look at Pavey Ark, Jack’s Rake and Harrison Stickle, it was time to head across the somewhat confusing terrain around Blea Rigg.

Comitibus :  Above Codale Tarn

Stickel Tarn with Harrison Stickle and Pavey Ark

Blea Rigg with Windermere in the distance

There was one "interesting" gap between rocks that we had to negotiate to reach the path down to the Blindtarn Moss plateau, where a splendid rainbow could be seen arching down to Grasmere (village).

The tricky rock

Rainbow's End

Blindtarn Moss

The clouds parted just enough to provide a sunny view of the Lion and the Lamb and the Lion and the Lamb.  It was very easy to see that the northern lion is the higher.

The Lion and the Lamb x 2

Hello, BOOTboys

We were welcomed into Grasmere by a friendly badger.  Or maybe he was laughing in anticipation of the confusion that followed.  

The three of us that were in the lead did the natural thing and headed straight for the Fat Lamb, the nearest pub to the bus stop.

The other two dawdlers, Bryan and John, not having actually seen us, continued through the village.  Fortunately there was a mobile phone signal so I could apologise for not having made the destination clear.

Even after regrouping and refreshing, there was one more confusion.

Should we or should we not catch the school bus home?  Philip and James had meetings so the decision was simple.  We all said our cheerios to the landlord and left.

On reaching the open, Bryan asked when the following bus would arrive. I consulted the timetable and told him that it was in forty minutes. On learning that it was not the hour he had expected, he thrust me back into the pub for another.  

Poor John hadn’t realised what was happening and followed the other two on to the bus for what was for him an unnecessarily early departure.  

For the third time in the day- Sorry John!

Don, 8th November 2012




Thursday 8th November

Distance in miles:

8.0 (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

2,200 (Anquet/ Harveys)


Blea Rigg

Other Features:

Easedale Tarn, Codale Tarn-


Bryan, Don, James, John Hn, Philip


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