BB1342 : For Better Or For Worse?

Thursday 28th November 2013

Some days you want the weather to be better.  Occasionally you might want it to be worse. Today I wanted one or the other.


To be worse because I had already written today's report based on the forecast that it was not a day for going on the tops.  I had a route in mind and I had a story to tell.  Both will now have to wait.

To be better because, once I knew we were going upwards, I thought that it might be one of those magical days when you climb through and out of the mist to glorious sunshine overlooking a sea of cloud.  For a brief moment, that wish seemed to have a chance of coming true.  And then it didn't.

Thanks to John's dental appointment, we were constrained to the Sedbergh area.

Thanks to John's dental appointment and Martin's late withdrawal, we were able to undertake a linear walk.

The fact that John and James had done the virtually identical route on BB1242, or Stan and I an extended version on BB0833, didn't seem to worry anyone.  Conditions were very different.  A year ago had been a glorious day with snow on the ground.  Five years ago, it was cold but clear.  Today, there was low cloud.

Barbon Church gate

Eskholme Pike disappearing

It as actually clear at Barbon as we set off up the fairly steep climb up Castle Knott. However, we were soon in thin mist.  Not dangerous but obliterating all chance of views. 

Barbon !

Stan takes in the (lack of) view

As we approached Calf Top, things changed.  Gaps appeared.  Briefly we saw the sun. Tantalising views came and went.

A bit of Calf disappearing

By the time we reached the summit cairn they had mostly gone. what distant views we had were of hills similarly covered in slowly drifting cloud and mist.

Onwards and upwards into the gloom

Comitibus :  Calf Top

From time to time we had to get the compass out and check bearings.  In the course of doing this, Stan dropped his reading glasses which he had needed to see the map.  When he realised, some distance later, he set off back in search of them.  This was absolutely vital as they had cost him at least £3 from Kendal Market!  Meanwhile the rest of us moved on to find a suitable place to stop for lunch. He must have really hared because he returned flushed with success before I could take the first bite of my butty. 


The gloom lifted slightly as we found and made the long descent over Brown Knott to the acceptable face of wind farms at Fellside Farm- two small ones that looked more like model aeroplanes.

What is this?  Click to find out

Fellside Wind Farm

There is little else to report.  Car to Barbon.  Barbon Inn not open for drinkers.  Two cars on to Kirkby Lonsdale.  Orange Tree open and welcoming. We were the better for entering and none the worse afterwards.  Sometimes you want things just as they are.

Don, 28/11/2013




Thurs 28th November 2013

Distance in miles:

8.5 (Garmin GPS)

Height climbed in feet:

1.970 (Memory Map / OS)


Calf Top, Middleton Fell


Don, James, John Hn, Roger, Stan



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