BB1401 : Calling All BOOTboys - Over

Thursday 2nd January 2014

Thank you Secret Santa.

My present this Christmas was a pair of Walkie-Talkies for use on the hills.  

Yes, I know we all have mobile phones these days but the reception on the Lake District Fells is patchy at best and often non-existent.  

These could be a life saver.

Or at least a way of telling the advance party to line up the beers.  

For some strange reason, typing the above brought to mind an incident many years ago.

An article had been produced for an in-house staff newspaper in which I had been asked to list my hobbies.  On reading it, a member of staff asked her colleague: "Why is he telling us that he fell walking?  Was he drunk?"  

It must have been when I was in Liverpool where they don't have hills but horizontal drinkers are not unknown.

Well, if I had fell walking today, then I would have had the means to contact someone to let them know.  If I were conscious of course.  And the Gizmo switched on.  And similarly that of someone else on the same channel.

As it happens, I didn't fall today but Stan and I were equipped with a Gizmo each in order to give them a field trial.  Before we set off, we double checked that we were both switched on and on the same wavelength.  Then we did the same with the walkie-talkies.

Time constraints meant that only a short but fast walk would be appropriate which generally is a euphemism for a trip round the Scars.  Accordingly, we parked by the radio mast on the Kendal to Crosthwaite road and tore off to Cunswick Scar.

Scout Scar from Cunswick Scar

Object one achieved, we hared back past the car to the Mushroom to stop for a team picture, communication from one side of the Mushroom to the other by Gizmo, of course!

Stan at Cunswick Scar summit

Comitibus :  Mushroom gizmo communication

Next, further along the scar, along by the wall out of the wind.  Here we saw fields of what looked like large, grassed-over mole-hills but I am informed that they are actually centuries old ant hills.  


Check the size!

Lots more antheaps!

You can see the odd one has been disturbed, apparently by badgers digging for food.

The Kent Estuary and Whitbarrow Scar

The Scar edge near the Mushroom

Back past the Mushroom we strode and on to the car where we decided that we hadn't gone far enough.

Stan suggested we should go back up towards Cunswick Scar then drop down to the road.

Off he raced downhill at ramming speed.

He is much faster than me in descent and was soon out of sight.  

"Where is he?" I thought to myself.  

Then I remembered.  I had the Gizmo.

<< BOOTboy Don to Stan,  Where are you?  Over. >>

Immediately came the reply:

<< BOOTboy Stan to Don, at the gate at the bottom. >>

And there I soon found him.  Now it was time for revenge.  On a good day, I am a little faster than Stan on moderate ascents so off I charged up the road, soon becoming out of sight.  Then the Gizmo buzzed.

<< BOOTboy Stan to Don, where are you? Over. >>

<< BOOTboy Don to Stan, Back at the car.  Over and out. >>

So, thanks again, Secret Santa; the Gizmos really do work.

<< BOOTboys Don and Stan calling all BOOTboys:
<< Let's make this a record year. Over! >>

Don, Thursday 2nd January 2014





Thursday 2nd January 2014

Distance in miles:

7.1 (Garmin GPS)

Height climbed in feet:

849 (Memory Map / OS)

Moving Average:

3.6 miles per hour


Cunswick Scar, Scout Scar


Don, Stan




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