BB1443 : The Treetop Trek and Other Adventures

Thursday 4th December 2014

It’s a bit disconcerting to discover that the first thing they do is fit you out with your numbered wrist band.

So № 021784, along with his seven comrades, reported for duty for the Treetop Trek.  Still shaken by the need for a body tag to help identify the person splattered on the ground, I didn’t pay as much attention to the detailed briefing as I should.  Our instructor explained how each obstacle was to be overcome but I was still struggling with fitting my harness properly.  Fortunately son-in-law Scott was at hand and sorted me out.

Body tag 021784

Comitibus :  Ready for TtT action

First, we did the low level course with its various challenges.  It was a bit like a Super Mario game leaping from plank to plank.  Sky steps, Indian Jones bridges, zig zags and several other tests including a chair where safely reaching the other side was dependant on some kind soul, in front or behind, hauling on the cable for you to finish the journey.

The lower trek

You wear a safety rope connecting your harness to the overhead cable and I never felt in any danger of plunging to the ground.  I successfully negotiated the objects without too much difficulty but strangely I felt a bit trembly once I regained solid ground.  I knew my vertigo was starting to kick in and it would not be sensible to tackle the high level course, even though I was assured that it was no more difficult.  So I wimped out.  I was not alone. Tony and Graham also opted to join me whilst Scott, John Hn, Martin, Andrew and Terry were more intrepid and went high.






7 year old girl

In fact they reported that the high level course was indeed more difficult and had presented them with challenges.  However all successfully completed the course.  It has be said though, that the 7 year old girl who followed them accomplished it with far more speed, style and composure (though she did lose her hat).

Meanwhile, we wimps had an unexpected bonus that, once the others found out, made them very jealous.  The trek ends with a 250 yard whizzing down a zip wire.  I had been looking forward to this and thought it would be great fun and so it was.  We were offered a trip down it whilst the others completed their high level round.



........ away!


Then we had another run once the others had finished their trail or should that be trial? This gave me the chance to film the descent.  Click on the Treetop Trek- the Movie to watch the video.  It is quite a big file and might take a while to load.

If that doesn't work, Right Click on Treetop Trek- the Movie then tell your computer to Save Target As which will enable you to change its name and choose the directory.  Once it has downloaded open the file in the normal way and hopfully it will play. Although a little more complicated, I found it a faster and more reliable method.

Don the movie-maker

Graham  & Andrew

John, Scott & Andrew

Tony & Martin

John S takes up the tale:

SLIPPERboys Stroll

Meanwhile, an eminently sensible cadre of four SLIPPERboys (John L, Mike B, Pete Mac, & John S) reasoning that their aggregate 67 stone (938lbs) might, embarrassingly, bar them from taking part, eschewed the perilous tree-top-terror-trip in favour of a gentle Round-Rydal-Ramble.  And what a pleasure it was.

Comitibus :  SLIPPERboys

Perfect walking weather, totally undemanding terrain, magnificent views, a coffee stop half-way around and no pressure to “keep up” saw them toddle out on the White Moss walkways to the south of Rydal then back, skirting the north bank, via the elevated “Corpse Road".

The talk, almost entirely of the ailments, funerals and ill-fortune of mutual acquaintances, cruelly lifted the spirits of the little band through reflection on their comparative good health and luck. The Germans call it schadenfreude.  Most enjoyable.

The only curiosity offering a distraction from nature’s wonders came in the shape of a fallen, decaying tree studded with coins. Votive offerings, no doubt, from passers-by. Attempts to prise the price of a pint from the wood were to no avail.

Votive offerings

John S’ wife and fungi expert Sue subsequently identified the growths found either side of the entrance to the car park as “Velvet Shank” (the orangey one) and “Sulphur Tuft” (t’other).

Velvet Shank

Sulpher Tuft

In all, great fun in great company.

Rydal Water

Back to Don:

We all safely returned to the TtT base camp where I discovered that my wrist band wasn’t a body tag at all- it was a discount voucher for the cafe!  However, at this moment John PL, John S, Pete & Mike appeared from their Round Rydal Ramble and we all decided instead to head for the Hawkshead Brewery for a beer and bites celebration.

The day was rounded off with dinner at Infusion to which the BOOTbeautes were invited to dine at a separate table.  I know it sounds chauvinistic but it works!  Good food, good pals, good fun- altogether a good day.

John's summary is spot on:  In all, great fun in great company.

Don, Thursday 4th December 2014

Khiraule Update

Philip is now back home and his journey report can be seen at Khiraule:  The Trail and the Tale.

Reflecting on his visit and how the money raised will be spent, he reports that:

The total is heading towards £2,000 which I think is fantastic. I hope to e-mail all the contributors shortly with my grateful thanks. I have already arranged for £1,000 to be remitted to the Rotary Club of Dhulikhel to be credited to their Nepal Flood Disaster Appeal. I have also agreed, in principle, with my opposite number at Dhulikhel, Ashok, during discussions in Kathmandu, that I would like to see the remaining funds (£1,000) go towards a new toilet and sanitation scheme at Sotang School (to be supervised by Lhakpa).

Ashok tells me he has access to a large Rotary International Global Grant for which this project would qualify. He is able to nominate the Sotang Project to be included in this funding. By this means, £1,000 in funding would attract a further 75% funding, or £3,000 from Rotary International. We thus get four times the spending power for our donations and a viable scheme to build new and desperately needed toilets sometime next year.

Although the MyDonate webpage closed on his return to the UK, it is not too late to support Philip's appeal by way of cheque made payable to "The Rotary Club of Kendal".

If you click on an e-mail form will open which will enable you to contact him directly




December 4th November

Treetop Trek Comitibus:

Andrew, Don, Graham, John Hn, Martin, Scott, Terry, Tony

Round Rydal Ramble Comitibus:

John PL, John S, Mike, Pete


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