BB1444 : Explosive Cyclogenesis

Thursday 11th December 2014

Stan is not the first BOOTboy to have reached three score years and ten.  Nor is he the first of "founding" BOOTboys, John PL achieved that.  But he is the most recent. Today in fact.

I wanted today to be a bit of a celebration. However, Stan instructed me to keep the fact secret.  In the event, only John Hn was free to party- others being tied up in unfortunately timed meetings or absent with leave. Not, of course, put off by the Explosive Cyclogenesis gripping the country, otherwise known as a "weather bomb".

Fortunately, there was, at low level, a break from the intense rain of the last few days. Sadly, there was no let up in the wind, the Mountain Weather Information Service advising that any mobility would be arduous on higher areas.

So we headed where we usually go when higher areas are out of bounds- the Scars to the west of Kendal.  Although the west faces are quite precipitous, mortal danger was unlikely as the gales would be in the opposite direction and we would be trying to head south.  It would still be very cold with a high chill factor.

Netherfield Cricket Club and Kendal Castle

Kendal and beyond from the Castle

Westward progress across Kendal was slowed down but not by the wind.  It was the opportunity to show John aspects that he had no previously seen such as the Lime Kiln and the Battleships plus some that he had such as Postman Pat's house.

The Lime Kiln

Comitibus : Above Lime Kiln Kendal

The Battle Ships

As we crossed the golf course, the wind strengthened and by the time we reached Cunswick Scar summit it really was blowing.  

Kentmere Fells from Cunswick Scar summit

Fortunately the route along to Scout Scar was, at times, somewhat more sheltered.

The plan was to have a coffee break at the Mushroom.  However, the wind thought otherwise.  The shelter is quartered so there is normally one and often two segments that are reasonably protected.  But not from this wind.  It cunningly knew where we were and moved round to blast us whichever segment we entered.  By now it was also starting to hail.  Not heavily but spitefully.  It was not the place to stop.  The Cyclogenesis was exploding. The safe haven would be Helsington Church.

 Stan gets in way of dramatic photo

John just laughs

Explosive Cyclogenesis over Arnside

The hail had stopped by the time we reached the church so first we had a look at the old Lumley Fee School House which has been converted into what seems to be a very upmarket corporate bunk barn (not to be confused with the bank barn to be seen later)..

Lumley Fee Bunk Barn

The Great War mural

The church was kindly open for us so we took advantage of its hospitality and had our coffees there, admiring once again the Great War Mural.

Stepping back out into the wild was a bit of a shock but as we dropped down past Sizergh Castle we were less exposed.

Sizergh Castle- you can see it better without the summer foliage

The Sizergh Castle bank barn

We were not exposed at all inside the Strickland Arms where we celebrated Stan's birthday.

When we emerged, it seemed that the Cyclogenesis was bombed out and it was a relatively gentle stroll back home in the dusk.

Enjoy the rest of your special day explosion free, Stan.  It's Pete's turn one year from tomorrow.

Don, 11th December 2014




Thursday 11th December

Distance in miles

11.3  (Garmin 62s)

Height climbed in feet

1,054 (Memory Map)


Cunswick Scar, Scout Scar, Helsington Barrows


Don, John Hn, Stan


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