CCP05: Flookburgh and back via Cark

Wednesday 30th September 2009

I hadn't really been looking forward to this next section.  I envisaged a fairly dull trot around Cark International Airport.  So it is probably as well that undertaking it was pretty much an impromptu suggestion of Margaret's.

I won't indulge in hyperbole and suggest that it is the most exciting experience to date but it certainly exceeded expectations.

We parked in the square at Flookburgh where Margaret tested and reported very favourably on the public facilities whilst I checked out the large property opposite and wondered why there were for sale signs from four different companies.  Then we headed south to where we had left the Coastal Path on CCP04, just before the airport.  Actually, you can't see much of the airport- probably because there is not much to see.  

Cark International Airport!

We did spot some washing, though, at West Plain Farm, albeit a somewhat underwhelming display, before turning off the road onto the embankment!

Four for sale!

West Palin washing!

In a way, there is not much to see here either- it's mostly salt marsh with a distant view of the Ulverston Coast in front and Heysham Power Station to the left.  

Looking back along the embankment

Also, there was a head wind and it was trying to rain.

We passed a No Cockling sign but it seemed out of date and we could see a tractor and trailer heading out to sea, presumably for that purpose.

No Ccokling.

Cowpren Point

Once round Cowpren Point and coffee taken on a massive washed up tree stump, things started to improve, both scenically and weatherwise.  The Ulverston coast line came nearer and clearer.  There was a piece of flotsam that had been put to good use- a wheelieless bin that had sailed all the way over from Dublin.

Coffee break

From Dublin's Fair City

The Canon Winder farm house was interesting, sadly missing any washing but maybe Margaret could paint some in for them in due course!

Canon Winder Farm

The view from Sand Gate Farm

The names round here are cute- the next example being Lenibrick Point.  Sand Gate sounds much more mundane but this lonely farmhouse with, on a good day, a brilliant view over the Leven estuary to the Sir John Barrow Monument, had really brightened up this dull day with a spectacular display of flowers.

Here we cut inland and onto a lane with a sign that used to be regarded by my father as a challenge:  Unsuitable for Motor Vehicles.  These days it is.  The hedgerow is too overgrown but the upside is that there were plenty of brambles for picking.

Brambly Lane

Cark with washing!

Suddenly Margaret got quite excited and demanded I take a photo.  You could now see Cark and there, in the distance, was some more washing!

The old lane led right across the railway with its fine stone footbridge, from which you could see the pillars of a former bridge strangely still standing, and into Cark.  

The stone footbridge

The remains of another bridge

Whereas on CCP04, Margaret had found the road stretch from Flookburgh to Cark frustrating, today, in the reverse direction, she really enjoyed it, particularly having a nosey at the houses and into the gardens.  There was one garden with a fine display of marigolds where she engaged the couple in conversation.  

The Fold, Cark

Marigolds galore

After swapping life stories, she discovered that not only did they know Natland, they were related to Holmes of Natland, the flower nursery and garden centre family.  No wonder their garden looked good.

The sad Methodist Church

The proud C of E Church

It was then only a short stroll past the sad, deserted Methodist Church and the huge for the size of the village St John's Church and we were back at the car, strangely satisfied.

Don, 30th September 2009

The 5.3 miles covered brings our CCP total to 33.4 miles. 


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