FW05:  Crosthwaite to Witherslack

Sunday 13th March 2011

Having Jamie at home has really opened up the possibilities for advancing along the Furness Way, especially as I am not allowed to drive for the time being, thanks to my fit in January.

Today, Margaret drove to leave the car where we left off on FW04 at Crosthwaite.  Our objective was Witherslack but first we had to cross Whitbarrow Scar.

Whitbarrow Scar from Crosthwaite

Even though I spent a winter (many years ago) living not far from the Crosthwaite Punchbowl, I have no recollection of ever having used the footpath that goes down between the pub and the Church.  Nor do I recall walking the path that runs round under the north-west corner of the scar.

Betwixt pub and church.....

.... and beyond!

Looking back to Crosthwaite and beyond

For a Sunday, there was a surprising number of people working on the fellside- cutting down shrubbery and trees and generally tidying it up.  I thought they must be well intentioned locals but on engaging some in conversation, discovered that they were all butterfly enthusiasts who were seeking to improve the terrain for the benefit of their little friends.  What is more, several had travelled long distances to join in the fun, some from the Cumbrian west coast, others from near Blackpool.  Margaret thought them a little mad.  No comment!

Chopping and.....

.... burning

The working party was just above Fell Edge of which the guide book says "This attractive farmstead has lost much appeal since the unfortunate demise of the house."  Last updated in 1994, the author could not be aware that the problems that caused the property to be left vacant after its fire were subsequently resolved and it has now been attractively rebuilt.

Fell Edge

Lunch time team picture

We climbed up through the woods to emerge in an open space just before the wall that needs to be crossed to reach the open ground on the top of the scar.  However, we had a different purpose for the steps- our luncheon seats!

After fine dining on the steps we entered the plateau and made our way across to the Lord's Seat monument.  On a good day, the views here present a spectacular 360 degrees, even if the points of interest are rather too distant to come out well on a photograph.

Looking north

Looking east over Brigsteer

Looking windswept

Lord's Seat summit

Looking south west from the scar edge

The descent to Witherslack Hall special school is always exciting, almost a little bit too much so for Margaret!  On the other hand, there was no excitement at the school- no signs of activity at all.

Witherslack Hall soccer pitch with Whitbarrow Scar behind

Crossing Yewbarrow

We crossed over the valley road to pick up the track that leads over Yewbarrow and dropped down to Witherslack where Jamie met us by the church to take us back to Crosthwaite to pick up Margaret's car.  

One minute into the journey home we had to stop.  Margaret had spotted something that had been missing from our otherwise splendid walk. 

Washing !

Witherslack church

Witherslack washing


Don, 13th March 2011


Road side daffodils

High Adventure Balloons!


Distance in miles:


24.4  in total  

Height climbed in feet:


3,223 in total






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