The Windermere Way 00 :  Finding Our Way

September 2017

Having finished the Ullswater Way with Cynthia & Ian, the question naturally arose- what next?

There are of course plenty of long distance walks but they would generally involve long distance drives, especially if done in stages rather than as one complete unit over several consecutive days.

Margaret and I had heard of the Windermere Way so I thought I should do some research.  I asked Uncle Google and this is what he came up with:

Be Respectful,  Be Responsible,  Be Ready to Learn!

Well, you can't disagree with that but it didn't quite fit in with what I expected. Then I found something, on the same website, a little more relevant:

Walking Wednesday

Calling all Windermere Hawks.
Do you know what time it is?

It’s time to grab your shoes and head outside,
enjoy the fresh air and take some strides.

 Come bring a friend or meet a new one,
all are welcome to join the fun.

 We will have a raffle for prizes at the end,
and lots of fun things going on before then.

Just remember, you can sing, dab, or talk
 but we must always make sure to WALK, WALK, WALK.

 Check out the routes as soon as you can,
 Walking Wednesdays are back again!

See you on the sidewalks!


There is the clue.  See you on the "sidewalks".  
Not Windermere Cumbria.
Windermere Ohio.

Fortunately, the next thing that Uncle Google showed me really was the real thing.

Phil Kirby's Windermere Way covers 45 miles which seemed rather a lot for a lake that is 11 miles long however there are some parts where there is no lakeside access so a higher level solution is offered.

The presumed four part expedition was out of the question for us.

It needed to be broken down into rather shorter sections.

That proved to be quite a challenge.

What follows on subsequent pages will prove whether or not we manage to achieve the objective.

01: Ambleside to Wray Castle
Sunday 24th September 2017

02: Wray Castle to Bass Rock
Sunday 8th October 2017

03: Ambleside to Windermere
Sunday 29th October 2017

04 : Miller Howe & Bowness
Sunday 4th February 2018

05 : Linthwaite to Ludderburn
(plus bonus visit to Holehird)
Saturday 24th February 2018

06 : Ludderburn to Gummers How
Saturday 29th September 2018

07 : Newby Bridge to Lakeside
Friday 26th October 2018

08 : Claife Station to Bass Rock
Friday 26th October 2018

09 : Lakeside YMCA to Ash Landing
Saturday 16th February 2019

10 : Fell Foot to Lakeside
Saturday 12th October 2019

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