BB1504 : YIFT 'n' PODA

Wednesday 4th February 2015

What’s your image of a typical Scandinavian?  

Tall?  Blond? Good looking woman? Strong handsome man?

Not quite the image that we saw today.

But first, the outing.

Given the prospect of a bright, cold day albeit with a strong northerly wind, we were pleased to discover that Terry had not yet notched up the Kentmere peaks on his Wainwright tally.

The drive to Troutbeck yielded spectacular views to the west.

We parked near the church and the sun was just touching the tops of the hills as we set off up the Garburn Pass.

Troutbeck Church

Garburn Pass

As we climbed the Pass we started to reach the icy patches then the snow line. Microspikes were donned before we turned on to the trail that led us over Yoke, Ill Bell and Froswick.  

Looking over Troutbeck village

James has his valet fit his crampons

It was bitterly cold in the wind, which blew extremely strongly at times. Nonetheless the air was clear and the views of the Lakeland Hills spectacular.

The Kentmere fells

Looking back to Windermere

Snow sculpture

Comitibus :  Ill Bell

Looking back to Ill Bell

Once we reached the High Street Roman Road the plan had been to use it for the return.  However, we had been going well. The opportunity for Terry to complete the YIFT and notch up a fourth W was too good to miss so we progressed as far as Thornthwaite Beacon before marching back like the finest Legionnaires.

Thornthwaite Beacon

The descent

It had been a good outing and one on which to reflect over a pint at the Hawkshead Brewery in Staveley.

Whilst we were sitting quietly supping our beer and noting the sun- (or was it wind-) burn on our faces, a coach rolled up and disgorged into the Brewery 40 or so individuals who looked (and looked as if they felt) somewhat out of place. They were all dressed in dark coats or dark jackets; most were of around average height, dark haired and many with bellies that suggested that perhaps they were in the right place after all.  It quickly became apparent that they were being split into two groups to be taken on a guided tour of the brewery. It seemed that they would have been more interested in product than process.

We asked one of them what the group was and received the response “We are fencers from Scandinavia”.  We took this at face value albeit thinking that you would expect such men and women, skilled in foil, épée and rapier, to be of more athletic build. Tall, blond and handsome they were not.

Later we noticed the bus driver sitting quietly in the corner, sensibly without a beer in front of him, so we asked him to explain.  

He said they are fencers- they work for a company called Poda that specialises in chicken mesh fencing and the like and they are over here on a jolly (presumably for having erected more yards of fencing than their colleagues).

They didn’t look that jolly- more like bewildered as to what was going on.


However, we left before they had finished the tour so maybe someone brightened their day with a jar or five of the brewery’s finest ales before they staggered off to their next appointment.

Hopefully, they enjoyed their tour of Lakeland as much as we enjoyed the day.

Don, Wednesday 4th February 2015

PS Scandinavian humour is well illustrated by a Comedy posting on YouTube under the heading Poda Oak Gate.

What a Relief !

How our fame spreads.

"Traffic, nettles and cows - just some of the hazards the BOOTboys could have been caught out with on a quiet afternoon stroll, but thanks to spotting our health and safety belief on a gateway, they stayed safe and sound."

So reads an article in the United Utilities intranet magazine under the title:

What a Relief the BOOTboys spotted Our Belief

It continues with an account of our exploits and a link back to the original report of BB1427.  To read the rest of the United Utilities article click on the photo of Terry and Mike below.

"Stay safe out there, folks!"




Wednesday 4th February 2015

Distance in miles:


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Yoke, Ill Bell, Froswick


Bryan, Don, James, Martin, Terry

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