BB1505 : Fifty Shades of Gray

Thursday 12th February 2015

Now don't get too excited- it's Gray not Grey.  Same colour, different spelling so that you don't get confused.  Nothing to do with the book.  It's just what we saw today.  Or maybe a lot more shades of gray.

Out of the murk....

... and into the gray  Spot the BOOTboys

It was what we expected.  The forecast said that it would be murky and misty and it was.  Fortunately we had picked a route whereby if everything went wrong and visibility was reduced to one shade of gray, we could simply follow the wall / fence around the tops on the eastern side of the Kentmere Valley, thereby picking up three more Wainwrights for Terry- Shipman Knotts, Kentmere Pike and Harter Fell.


Follow the wall

Comitibus :  Shipman Knotts

And that is what we did.  Not a lot to add other than we were in mist most of the time so that, clothing excepted, the predominant colour was gray in all its many shades.  

Lunch was taken at Kentmere Pike, standing and using the trig point as a table!


Kentmere Pike summit

Waffle patterned fence

There was more snow underfoot than I had expected.   Soft and at times deep snow going up, thinner and more frozen snow on the descent. Fortunately we all had microspikes.  

The most remarkable feature was the unusual waffle-like pattern made by the frozen snow on the wire netting of the summit fence.

Approaching Harter Fell

Briefly, on reaching Harter Fell summit, it brightened and looked as if we might be relieved of the gray but it didn't happen.

Harter Fell summit

Eventually, on descending the Gatescarth Pass, we dropped below the gray-line and life reverted to normal.  Suddenly I remembered a question Jamie asked me when he was very young.  I think he must have been watching a repeat of an ancient TV programme like The Flowerpot Men or Andy Pandy.  Or maybe The Lone Ranger.  The question was whether in the olden days there was no colour and that life was in black and white? I recall thinking what a strange yet at the same time perceptive question to ask.

Wren Gill falls- click picture for action

Return to Sadgill

No doubt these days his question would be whether in the olden days everything was in Fifty Shades Of Gray?

Don, Thursday 12th February 2014

Bonus Photos From Mike .....


.....and from Terry

 plus some on the right hand column.

A BOOTboy thrice over

Tony is, as you know, a BOOTboy.  

He is also associated with two other types of Boot Boys.  

Here he is with two of his Rugby Boot Boy team mates from the Leeds Rhinos stood in front of a poster for a Boot Boys album.  

Click on the picture to hear this Columbian band in action playing "Coup d'etat".  It's the Sound of the Apocalypse.  

Put another way, it's music, Tony, but not as we know it.




Thursday 12th February 2015

Distance in miles:


Height climbed in feet:



Shipman Knotts, Kentmere Pike, Harter Fell


Don, Mike, Terry, Tony

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