BB1529 : As We Walk We Grow Our Brains  

Wednesday 12th August 2015

As we walk we grow our brains.

Those were the words I heard on the radio as I set off this morning.

That was so encouraging.  We had a biggish day ahead of us so I envisaged returning home much wiser.

Clearly my brain was in need of growing as I took a couple of wrong turnings between Stan’s house and Terry’s.  Eventually we reached the National Trust car park at the Old Dungeon Ghyll in Langdale, looking forward to our brain-growing exercise in the sunshine.

Pike o'Blisco and the Crinkles

Pie o'Stickle, Loft Crag and Harrison Stickle

Side Pike

It certainly seemed to be working.  As we climbed the hill towards Pike o’Blisco many erudite topics were discussed, some of which I almost understood.  Things went a little quieter as we reached the scrambles where we had to concentrate.

Climbing the first gully

Click on the picture if you can't see the car

This is one of my favourite hills.  There is a lot of “hands-on” needed to get up the gullies.  Not exposed climbs but still capable of providing a good scraping and a headache if you get things wrong.  Fortunately we didn’t and reached the top without incident.

Cold Pike was the next objective.  My plan was to approach from the south ridge but Stan’s brain had grown so much that he was able to skip down the hill and make strategic decisions simultaneously.  By the time I was able to catch him, it was too late and we were committed to his preferred northern approach.  The only problem with that strategy is that a return by the same route is needed if, as we did, you plan to move onwards to Crinkle Crags.

The Crinkles peek out

Looking back to Pike o'Blisco and Cold Pike

Approaching the Crinkles

The  Bad Step on Crinkle 2

The Crinkles are rocky but present no real problem apart from the "Bad Step" on Crinkle 2 which involves a very short rock climb.  No more than two small holds and a heave but still a bit of a challenge for a non-climber like me.

Stan points out the route up

Terry tops out

Our brains were now so large that we let them rest whilst we had lunch on Crinkle 3.

Stan not looking down Langdale

Comitibus :  Crinkle Crags

Scafell left then Scafell Pike;  Bowfell to the right

Glimpse of Windermere behind Pike o'Blisco, then the Wetherlam  range + Crinkles 1& 2

After Crinkles 4 ,5 and 6 wisdom told us not to think about Bowfell which was looming invitingly before us, nor skinny-dipping in the tarn that was looking uninvitingly before us, but instead to drop down the Band back to the valley. Time was a little tight.

Stan contemplates Bowfell.....

The Band path

.... whilst Terry thinks about skinny-dipping

The  path down the Band is paved, but the vegetation is growing back and it works well, unlike some of the motorways!

By this time, we were amazed at how big our brains now were.  Indeed we had a struggle to get ourselves into the car.  

However, the part of the brain that says "let's have a pint" was still functioning and, sad to report, the consequence was that normal brain size soon returned.

Our conclusion was that walking may grow your brain but drinking relieves the in-skull overcrowding problem.  Normal silliness has been restored.

Don, Thursday 12th August 2015





Wednesday 12th August 2015

Distance in miles:


Height climbed in feet:



Pike o'Blisco, Cold Pike, Crinkle Crags


Don, Stan, Terry


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