BB1539 : Call That A Bike?

Thursday 3rd December 2015

Call that a bike? sneered Tony, whilst nursing the broken shoulder that hasn’t yet healed fully from him being blown over on his 950cc Triumph.

When standing still!  

At least he didn't damage his tattoo.

Well, Tony, yes it is a motorbike of sorts although it is probably better described as an electric motor assisted, pedal-powered bicycle.

We were in Grizedale Forest on an inclement day preparing for our Christmas special outing.  There were thirteen of us but only ten electric bikes to hire so the unlucky (?) three- Tony, Pete and Graham volunteered to go walking instead.

Hybrid versus knobbly

There were three types of mountain bikes available- full suspension, front suspension and one girlie bike complete with pannier and mudguards.

Guess who was awarded that one?

Yes, yours truly.  

I didn’t mind until I realised that it was underpowered compared with the others and had thin hybrid tyres rather than the thick knobblies enjoyed by my colleagues.  

At least my bum would stay clean.

Comitibus: Grisedale

Off went the BIKERboys into the forest with Andrew leading and me acting as tail-end Charlie. We quickly got used to the power system.  Your right thumb controls a standard set of rear wheel derailleurs whilst the left activates a rocker switch that selects the electric motor power- ranging from off, eco, medium and high. It was similar in many ways to a having a triple clanger.  You have to pedal or the motor switches off.  More disconcerting, the motor is limited to 16 mph so when on the charge you suddenly find that your support has cut out. Probably a wise safety feature although we did hear of someone defeating the cutout and being able to achieve 44 mph!  The most I achieved was about half that.

The forest trails were rather muddied thanks to the rain and the fact that they had just been used for car rallying.  Fortunately a piste-basher was on its rounds removing the worst of the bumps.

Apart from Mike, who had problems with his gears locking and had to return to base, I think we all enjoyed the tour round the forest trail, despite the dampness of the weather.

We returned to the café for lunch determined to have a second expedition after pasties & chips.  However the rain set in with a vengeance and the enthusiasm evaporated.  Let’s leave it for better weather, we agreed.  

Tony and pals were already in the café when we arrived.  When we asked them how far they had been into the woods, they confessed.  Their total expedition had been from the bike shop to the café.  A challenging fifty yards.

Call that a walk, Tony?

Don, Thursday 4th December

PS   In the evening we had our now traditional dinner, at Infusion in Kendal, at which the BOOTbabes are invited to come along and dine at a separate table. Sounds chauvanistic but it works well and Infusion did their usual excellent job of serving fine food with a smile.

PPS My apologies for the photos.  I didn’t take many and most of those were pretty appalling.  Somehow the camera seemed to have focused on the ground in front of me rather than the heroes on the trail.  Or I had water on my lens.  Excuses!




Thursday 3rd December 2015

Distance in miles:

11.9 (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

1,437 (Memory Map / OS)


Grizedale electric bikes


Bikers: Andrew, Don, James, John Hn, Martin Cn, Mike, Philip, Stan, Stuart, Terry

Walkers (?):  Graham. Pete, Tony

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