BB1541 : The Township Revisited

Tuesday 13th December 2015

The challenge to Martin when he volunteered to plan our last outing of the year was to make sure we climbed a minimum of 922 feet.  

A modest target but vital if we were to pass the 100,000 feet mark- the first time that would have been achieved since the glory year of 2010 (albeit an Everest lower than then). Last year we failed by just 404 feet.

We weren't that bothered about trying to compete with 2014 on mileage- it would have taken a 16 miler to beat last year's total (and over 100 to match 2010).  

Comitibus: plus Diana

Back in October I thought we would have easily achieved both objectives but the recent awful weather has intervened.

The main constraint today was not the ascent required but the state of the ground. Raging streams were best avoided for fear of your life. Most of the Lake District would be exceedingly damp underfoot even if you were not washed away. And that assumes you could get there in the first place- it will be a long time before the road along Thirlmere is in action again for cars.

The solution, of course, is limestone and as he lives on the edge of Whitbarrow, it is little wonder that this was where he led us.

Mention has been made before about Martin's involvement with the charitable trust that maintains the Township, as the enclosures on Whitbarrow are known. See, for example, BB1324. or BB1509.

He was keen that we should see a new and controversial feature- a cairn with a large plaque that is a memorial to Skippy, presumably a dog and not a kangaroo, complete with biblical reference.

In memory of Skippy

It is no casual placing of a painted piece of slate.  

The plaque has been firmly fixed to a large slab of limestone and a cairn erected, all without permission of the trustees.

In isolation, this might not seem too much to worry about.

However the concern is the potential proliferation of the practice with both animal and human tributes (and remains) littering the area.

A decision will need to be made.

Meanwhile we had a decision to make.  It wasn't supposed to rain but it did. How long would this last?  Hoping that putting on cagoules would cause it to stop, we did just that and the tactic more or less worked.  It was colder and damper than we had expected but we didn't get soaked.

In the distance we could see the Lyth Valley, still considerably flooded.

Looking across Lyth Valley to Scout Scar

After reaching the Lord's Seat summit cairn, this one with a legitimate plaque in memory of Canon Hervey, the founder of the Lake District Naturalists' Trust (not Naturists'!), we initially continued south.  

Soon, however, Martin had the idea of exploring an area known as Pether Pots.  

This involved crossing many limestone clints and grykes before we found the required track- nowhere near so pronounced as it appeared to be on the map.  

Terry & James pay homage to Canon Hervey

We discovered an old iron fire grate.  This confused us until we realised that the nearby remains of a stone structure must once upon a time have been a workman's hut.

The iron fire grate

Looking across the flood to Helsington Barrow

The track led us down to Rawsons then round to the spectacular White Scar cliffs and the huge slabs, partially covered in debris from the recent storms.  

White Scar cliffs

Looking down the slabs

Foulshaw Moss

The Kent Estuary

Unlike the trail shown on the map below that reflects the temporary disorientation of my gps, we took the sensible route up and over the Township, following the track north past Lord's Seat and then by some very friendly cows- Welsh Shorthorns, I believe.

Windswept tree

Welsh Shorthorns?

James tests their friendliness

Back at Martin's with statistical objectives achieved, Diana treated us to festively sparkling flapjacks whilst Maisy looked on hopefully!  

Sparkling flapjacks


A fine way to end an invigorating walk and the BOOTboys year.

Don, Tuesday 29th December 2015

More Stats:

This year's number of qualifying outings is 43 (don't be fooled by the today's reference number BB1541- we have had an "a" and a "b" plus a "i" and a "ii").  

Total height climbed tots up to 100,910 feet, an average of 2,347 per outing. The equivalent distance figures are 435.7 and 10.1 miles.

The total number of participants, 18, is a little down on previous years but, paradoxically, the average number per event is a record 4.8.

Regarding Wainwright baggers, John has now passed the halfway point although logistically the remainder will be more complicated due to the travelling involved, especially for such time as Dunmail Raise is out of commission.  Terry has also made great strides (pun intended) in his W quest.




Tuseday 29th December 2015

Distance in miles:

11.0 (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

1,888 (Garmin / OS)




Don, James, Martin C, Terry


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