BB1602 : The Mystery of the Black Cap

Wednesday 13th January 2016

Walking clothes and the like have a mind of their own.  Whilst you are not looking, off they go to Lord knows where and forget to come home for their next official outing. Or they play hide and seek, laughing at you from their hiding places.  Last week (BB1601) it was Terry's turn to be the victim and he ended up having to wear lady's mauve wellies.

Stan, who was there so he should know, subsequently insisted that Terry's boots were not mauve but lavender.  Then he burst into song about what he saw:

Lavender Boots, Terry Terry
Lavender Seen
When you are King, Terry Terry
I'll be your Queen

Or have I got that the wrong way round?  Whatever, there were more misbehaving clothes this morning.  Two very naughty hats and two wicked gloves were thinking it was fun to make me late to pick up Stan. I gave up and set off without them.

On the other hand, a walking pole, a single glove and a black mountain cap have all deserted their owners to have a long, impromptu holiday with me.  I know the pole belongs to Mike, the single glove to Tony and I was fairly sure that the cap was Stan’s.  Why?  Because I remember him beating me to the last Lowe Alpine cap at their reps' samples sale a few years ago.  And that was black.

However, when I showed him the cap he said it wasn’t his.

Good news, I thought, being otherwise hatless, that’s what I will wear on this cold day.  

I should mention for the record that I was also wearing my new boots. A long time coming but now ready for action.  

And also for the record, these were not the only clothes I was wearing- it was far too cold to go commando.

We were to meet Martin at Staveley but found the bridge closed due to damage caused by the recent storms.

Fortunately Stan knew a sneaky back way through the village so we weren’t too late at the mill yard.

Millennium Bridge

Barley Bridge weir

The forecasts had been changing frequently but we knew heavy rain was on its way, the only question was when.  We thought we should be ok until lunchtime so went on a fairly modest route up past Potter Tarn to Gurnal Dubbs.  

Looking back to Potter Tarn

We could see the storm in the distance but reckoned it should be possible to climb Potter Fell, so we did- bounding from heathery tussock to tussock on the way.

Approaching Gurnal Dubbs

Comitibus :  Brunt Knott

Snow topped Langdales

Once conquered, we thought the same about Brunt Knott and that too succumbed.  However, further heroics were out of the question.  The clouds were seriously gathering. We headed straight back to the Brewery in the Mill Yard.  The new boots had proved comfortable and warm as indeed had the black cap.

The black and white picture

The gaggle in white picture

Whilst inside, supping ale and laughing at the downpour, a text message came through.  It was from Tony.  It read:

Black Mountain Cap. Anyone found one in their car?

Aha!  Time for a bit of fun.

On the way home I went round to see Tony.  I showed him the photos of our walk, he was particularly interested in those of the broken bridge.  

And then what did he see?  A photo of someone (i.e. me) wearing a black mountain cap identical to the one he had lost.  

Crumbled stonework under the bridge

The black cap

How his little eyes lit up.  Mystery solved.

Now, who can solve the mystery of my missing hats?  And gloves?  Please?

Don, Wednesday 13th January 2016

Photo Competition:  

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Need An Ice Refresh?

Anticipating winter conditions before too long, Terry reports that this British Mountaineering Club link provides access to some of the videos we saw at the winter skills talk in Ambleside. There are also other interesting links and features.

As the text says:

Winter rolls around and we begin to dig out the gear to cope with cold, snowy, or even icy conditions.

But while the tools are (hopefully) rust-free, have our skills with them survived the summer untarnished?




Wednesday 13th January 2016

Distance in miles:

9.1 (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

1,816 (Anquet)


Potter Fell, Brunt Knott


Don, Martin Cn, Stan

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