BB1604 : You Don’t Need A Weatherman

Thursday 28th January 2016

Margaret knew what was coming.  

Her parting words to me were to take heed of the western wind and to take heed of the stormy weather.  

Actually, I thought it would rain but the clouds passed by and it was half, if not three quarters decent when we set off.

The mission was a quick circuit of Yewbarrow, a revisit of Whitbarrow then a return to the Derby Arms.

How old?

That old?

Halfway up the Latterbarrow climb we found a viewpoint I hadn’t seen before that looked over the Winster Valley.

View to Arnside Knott

View over Winster Valley

In the distance we could see the bad weather coming across the Furness hills where the wind hits heavy on the border line.

However, it was positively pleasant as we crossed Yewbarrow, chatting with its Belted Galloways en-route.

Melting Mowbray or.....

Belted Galloways?

Witherslack Hall below the scar and hiding in trees

After an impromptu game of football at Witherslack Hall, the serious business started.  Both for us and the wind.

Edward VII

Goal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a steep but wooded climb so initially sheltered.  However by the time we were at Lord’s Seat, the wind was truly howling like a hammer and progress was not easy.

Lord's Seat

Whitbarrow Scar

We were thinking about the shelter from the storm that awaited us at the Derby Arms.  We were also trying to remember as much as we could about relevant lyrics but not doing very well.  We should have read BB0824 before we set off. Or BB1502.

Kent Estuary

Arnside Viaduct

We forced our way south, reversing the route taken recently on BB1541.  It was much calmer as we dropped down through the woods, stopping at the same bench as before for lunch.  It was then a simple stroll back to the pub.

Comitibus :  Buckhouse Wood

The old village well, Langhowe End

It was a somewhat curious greeting the landlady gave we five old grizzlies: “Where have you been, my darling young ones?” The answer, of course, was that we had been blowing in the wind but it had by now eased. It was the stillness before the hurricane begins. And so out came the magic words, “Come in,” she said “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”.  Thanks, we said, realising that soon a hard rain was going to fall.  And it did.  Torrential. We stayed for a fine pint whilst the buckets of rain did their worst.  Fortunately it relented and we were able to leave far before sundown's finish.

And it's true.  You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

Don, Thursday 28th January 2016


Yes, I know.  Rather contrived.  And a partial repeat of the theme of BB1502. Sorry.  Seemingly, out of Dylan's 542 songs, 163 contain meteorological references allegedly making him the musician most likely to mention weather.

Apparently this was discovered by climate scientists from five leading universities.  It’s comforting to know that public money is being put to such good use.

Anyway, there is a small prize awaiting the first person to identify all the Dylan weather quotes woven not too cunningly into the above report.




Thursday 28th January 2016

Distance in miles:

8.3 (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

1,642 (average *)


Yewbarrow, Whitbarrow


Don, Martin, Mike, Terry, Tony

* The true Heightage is a mystery.  Running the data from three Garmins GPS machines through different mapping software gave results of 1312, 1313, 1526, 1699, 1795, 1890 and 1957 feet.  Weird.  I have used the average.  


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