BB1605 : His Last Day As A Sexagenarian

5th February 1946.  A new baby enters the world.  What fate would befall him? Might he, just might he, one day, grow up to become a BOOTboy?

5th February 2006.  That child had indeed grown up to become a BOOTboy. What is more, he was now a Sexagenarian BOOTboy.

4th February 2016.  His last day as a Sexagenarian.

Tomorrow, a Septuagenarian.

We wanted to help Tony celebrate this rite of passage in a style that he would appreciate so rather than dragging him to the top of Scafell Pike, we opted instead for a pleasant stroll to a fine steak bun, chips and beer lunch followed by a pleasant stroll to another fine pint.

Mind you, had the weather been otherwise, we might have contemplated dragging him high.  However, with earlier forecasts of 70 mph winds and lashings of rain, even pleasant short strolls might have had to be abandoned.

As it happened, it was a birthday surprise for all of us that it didn’t actually rain and any wind was quite modest.

There was some complicated car shuffling at the start which I avoided by catching the bus.  Tony, with his chauffeur and support crew (minders?), climbed aboard at Staveley and waiting for us at the Windermere bus stop were the rest of the team.

Tony with minders

This is why he needs minders

The initial phase was a reverse of part of BB1601, crossing the railway to climb School Knott.  

Panorama from School Knott

School Knott Tarn

Robin explains how a water tank works!

Thereafter we followed the Dales Way for a while before branching off south to the Wild Boar at Crook.

Those who had lunched here previously had recommended the Steak Bun and Chips and what a good suggestion that was.  Excellent, as indeed was the home brewed ale.

It’s always difficult to tear yourself away from a nice warm pub with a roaring winter's fire but somehow we managed it.  Whom should we see in the yard but Bryan.  He had managed to escape from child-minding duties to help navigate Tony back to the Brewery at Staveley.

Wild Boar fire

Comitibus :  Crook

This he successfully achieved, using paths that were familiar to none of us but are worth revisiting on a pleasant summer’s evening.  

The Old Church Tower

Farmhouse doorway

View to the Howgills

The last section had us rejoining the Dales Way and dropping down into Staveley, noting the damage caused by the floods.

On arriving at the Brewery I wouldn’t allow Tony to enter but marched him off to the far end of the millyard, ostensibly to look at a mobile wooden hut complete with its own stove.  

Actually it was to ensure that he achieved his old target- a full ten miler!

With that minor diversion completed, we could get back to the Brewery and the serious business of helping him enjoy his last hours as a Sexagenarian.

Don, Thursday 4th February 2016

Dylan Detected

Given that there are several Dylan addicianados amongst the ranks of the BOOTboys it was no surprise to me that the not too well hidden quotes from his songs were all identified.

Runner up was Terry who, at the second attempt, spotted all but one (and I must admit it is the one that would also have escaped me had I not had the help of Uncle Google in setting test).

However the person who identified the lot (and also noted my deliberate misquote) was Robin.  Well done and a modest (very) prize awaits you.


The full list is:

  • I thought it would rain but the clouds passed by
    Till I fell in love with you
  • Take heed, take heed of the western wind,
    take heed of the stormy weather
    Boots of Spanish Leather
  • Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline
    Girl from the North Country
  • The wind howls like a hammer
    Love minus zero
  • Shelter from the storm
    Shelter from the Storm
  • Where have you been, my darling young one(s)?
    A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall
  • Far before* sundown’s finish (*deliberate misquote of "before")
    Chimes of Freedom
  • The answer ...... is blowin' in the wind
    Blowin’ in the wind
  • A hard rain .... going to fall
    A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall
  • You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows Subterranean Homesick Blues

He added that he simply couldn’t resist the challenge then complained:

You just kinda wasted my precious time
But don’t think twice, it’s all right

Finally a word of comfort for those who didn't do too well.  Remember:

The loser now will be later to win




Thursday 4th February 2016

Distance in miles:

10.0 (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

1,279 (OS / Memory Map)


School Knott, Dales Way


Bryan, Don, John Hn, Martin, Mike
Robin, Stuart, Terry, Tony


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