BB1622 : Déjà Vu.  Or was it?

Wednesday 8th June 2016

"My old computer having died on me and the new one not yet arrived...... the dreaded Armboth Fell......"

Hang on, I thought, that sounds familiar.  By a remarkable coincidence those words that seemed so relevant for today, were written for BB0724 Wainwright's Worst Wet Walks! nine years ago.

My old computer is dying- crashing many times a day and my new one arrives on Thursday.  And once again we were off to the dreaded Armboth Fell.  

It was indeed Déjà Vu time.

Or was it?

The forecast was for a post-noon high probability of intense rain potentially coupled with hail and lightening.  Although it was a glorious morning, did we really want to be exposed on the open fell in those conditions?

Any excuse not to visit Armboth Fell is a good one.  it is one of those hills that once you have experienced its extreme bogginess, you will have no wish to return.  Ever. Unless of course you are with people who are doing the Wainwrights and you can't find an excuse like needing to wash your hair or to do the ironing.  Now we had a superb excuse.

We still headed north, curious to see the new road that is now open alongside Thirlmere, the January storm damage having now been repaired. However I forgot all about that and drove along the wrong side of the lake, the west side, up to its north end where we parked for our first revised objective: Raven Crag.

Glimpse of Thirlmere

Raven Crag

It is a steep but relatively short climb through the woods.  The latter part is puzzling.  Regular steps have been installed completed with roofing felt on the front lip.  Why?  Totally artificial, it must be for tourists who are promised a hill to climb and are bussed up a forest trail so that they only have a steep but brief and safe climb to the summit.

We're climbing a stair way to Raven

Buzzed on the Raven

It is indeed a fine view point, with vistas north to Skiddaw and Blencathra, east to the Helvellyn range and south over the length of Thirlmere.

Thirlmere & Helvellyns from Raven Crag

Descending the staircase we came to a canteen but unfortunately it wasn't open for business.  Was this for the bussed-in tourists?

Comitibus: Raven Crag canteen

View from Castle Crag

Before descending the rough path back down to the car, we explored the Castle Crag ancient hill fort area- another magnificent view point but with a slightly hairy path to its top.

Next objective was High Tove so we moved the cars across the Thirlmere dam with its commemorative plaque (see The Thirlmere Way) to the A591.  It is another short but steep climb, this time mostly on open fell, to the top of Wren Crag following which it is a pleasant undulating stroll along the ridge to High Rigg, passing a nice little tarin with a lot of dragon flies intenet on making more dragon flies!

The dragon fly tarn

View south to Thirlmere


Spot the dragopn flies in flagrante delico

Skiddaw under a cloud

By now the clouds were gathering and there were drops of rain as we descned to the pass where we took advantage of the porch of St John's church as a lunch stop.

St John's Church

The return south

The sun was shining again when we emerged and took the path that winds along above St John's Vale.  The café at Bridge farm was shut due to flood damage so we carried on along the path, at times uncomfortably close to a steep drop, and back to the car.

What did we do then?  Of course we headed for the King's Arms.  At last! It really was Déjà Vu time.!

Don, Wednesday 8th June 2016

PS: On the way home we discovered that the south side of the Lake District had had the torrential rain that had been forecast and the roads were partially flooded in places.  We had made the right decision.

Bonus Pictures from Mike

Raven Crag selfie!

Looking 'ard!

Mike's Coast to Coast Walk

Mike has for some time wanted to do Wainwright's Coast to Coast Walk from St Bee's Head in Cumbria to Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire.  

Finding some time to spare, he thought he would make a start with Terry to keep him company.

You can read his entertaining report at: Coast to Coast Day 1.


If you have mapping software you can follow his route by downloading his gpx file: C2C1.




Wednesday 8th June 2016

Distance in miles:

2.4 + 5.7 = 8.1 (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

995 + 1191 = 2186 (Memory Map)


Raven Crag, High Rigg


Don, John, Mike, Robin, Stan, Terry


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