BB1627 : Hello Darling?

Thursday 14th July 2016

The BOOTiful BOOTboys of Buttermere awoke to a very different type of day. Plenty of sunshine.  The original intention was to knock off three more Wainwrights but a very relaxed start to proceedings coupled with later distractions meant that Rannerdale Knotts would have to wait for a later expedition.

After a fine breakfast we said farewell to the Bridge Hotel and headed to Low Lorton for the ascent of Fellbarrow and Low Fell.

Low Fell left, Fellbarrow right

The stroll through the village then along yellow road, white road and cart-track was straightforward albeit we were rather pestered by flies at times.

Low Newton Stag

We discovered later that to get on the fell we should have continued along the track for one more field.  

In that way we would have found stiles to help us cross walls rather than less desirable ways (fear not- no damage was done to fences or people).  

The view from Fell Barrow was good.

Not only was there the Lake District panorama, the Scottish coast and hills could be clearly seen.

A Low Newton house

Comitibus: On the cart track

Across the Solway

The Grasmoor range

Down and up over minor bumps and we arrived at Low Fell.  

The approach to Low Fell

Disappointingly, this did not provide any more than the tiniest glimpse of Loweswater.  It seemed as if the next, lower, bump along the ridge would.  John and Terry's Wainwright mission had been accomplished so they stayed put whilst Robin and I carried on and were duly rewarded.

The view from the lower bump

A couple we met at the summit informed us that the view was even better on the next hill, Darling Fell. Was this the appropriate time to say "Hello Darling?"  No.  Not today.

Instead we retreated to Low Fell and softly said "Hello Boys!" but not in the Eva Hertzigova manner, much to John and Terry's relief.

The return to Low Lorton was by a pleasant path that looped round by Merebeck Gill then down to Thackthwaite.

By the car was something we hadn't seen for a long time so Robin did something he hadn't done for along time.  He phoned his wife.  From a working public phone box!  "Hello Darling," I heard him say.

It was now time for a late lunch. The Kirkstile Inn called.  It was fortunate it was for a late lunch as they had been extraordinarily busy but now trade was calming down.

By common agreement it was now far to late to think about Rannerdale Knotts so our chauffeur, Robin, kindly drove us all home whilst we took it in turns to serenade him with various variations of the a snoring kind.  

And once home, what was the first thing Margaret said to me?

Of course it was.  "Hello Darling!"

Don, Thursday 14th July 2016




Thursday 14th July 2016

Distance in miles:

8.1 (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

1,805 (Memory Map)


Fellbarrow, Low Fell


Don, John, Robin, Terry

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