BB1631 : Football or Golf or What?

Wednesday 31st August 2016

Ask anyone what the most popular sport is in the UK for both players and spectators and the answer most probably will be football (soccer for our American reader(s)).

Then ask what is the most popular sport actually played by those of more mature years and the answer is likely to be golf.

Now suggest that you can play soccer on a golf course and the response may well be something like "Are you daft or what?"

However, a rapidly growing hybrid of the two games is footgolf.

Basically this is playing golf with a football.  

A game playable by all ages.  

No expensive clothing or equipment.

All that is needed is a golf course that will allow a football to be kicked into a large hole dug into its hallowed turf.

This was not the reason that we parked at Casterton golf club.  Well, not the main reason.  But Footgolf is to be the  subject of the BOOTboys special Christmas outing this year and Casterton is the nearest golf course that promotes this activity.  So a secondary reason was to have a bit of a recce.

John hadn't been able to get out with us for several weeks so he requested something more gentle than or recent outings. The weather forecast suggested that it would be damp early on so we didn't fancy travelling too far so a trip round Casterton Fell seemed the optimum solution and the golf club provided the logical start point as, in addition to footgolf research, it offered the opportunity to sit in the club house supping coffee until the rain stopped and it was fine enough to venture forth.

Also it was an opportunity to browse in the shop, looking at unfamiliar items. One that amused me was a "groove restorer".  Yes, please!

No doubt Bryan would have been horrified and would have demanded a more determined approach to the day but we were in relaxed mode.  So we had a coffee and a wait. And waited.  and waited.  Eventually, much later than forecast, the weather did clear and we could get down to the serious business.

First we headed off through High Casterton to Casterton itself.  Once a village dominated by a school for young ladies, it is now a prep school for Sedbergh (which I believe has sold off some of the buildings for someone to develop superior country apartments). Here we turned up the minor road that would lead eventually to the fell, passing on the way a couple of Andy Goldsworthy's many artistic sheep folds featured in BB1033.

Casterton Church

Terry on a Goldsworthy

Terry in Goldsworthy's Jack's Fold

Our original plan was to drop down through the woods to Barbon Beck and head up the other side to where the path rejoins the road.  However my recollection of rejoining the road was that first you had to one way or another ford the beck and as there had been a lot of rain lately and none of us had brought poles, that could have been a challenge too far.

Comitibus: Near Barbondale


Consequently we walked up the minor road to reach the crossing point to discover that there was a footbridge.  At first this took me by surprise as I did not remember one being there and on the OS map the crossing is marked as a ford.  However on examination it was clearly new.  Memory not playing ricks.  Or was that actually the case.  A notice board indicated that the storms of 2015 had destroyed the previous bridge.  Maybe the memory was playing ricks after all.

The new bridge

It didn't really matter.  There was a cold wind blowing and we didn't linger to examine further.  Instead we headed off up the bridle path that lead to Bull Pot farm- now the base for the Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club.  No-one was around so an invitation into the hut was not forthcoming and we had to make do with shelter and lunch in the yard.

Looking through the window we could see a rather strange table with a rather demonic looking picture. It took us some while to work out the detail but Terry was able to interpret it.  

Its surface was a huge photo which was upside down to us. It is the picture of a brave lady called Serena Povia taken in the Lancaster Hole, by Tony Speight 2015.

Now it was time to return to the golf club.  First we headed for the cairn on the summit of Casterton fell, then on to Brownthwaite.

Casterton Fell from Brownthwaite

The River Lune could be seen winding its way towards Lancaster.

We then dropped down the sheepfold lane and onwards to High Casterton- a much larger hamlet than we had realised.  

A pleasant stroll led along a pleasant old path back to the club house and a celebratory.....

..... cappuccino.

"What???" I hear you cry.  "Are they going soft?"

 No, we are in training.  It's not that long to the Footgolf competition.

Don, Wednesday 31st August 2016




Wednesday 31st August 2016

Distance in miles:

11.6 (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

1,684 (Memory Map)


Casterton Fell


Don, John, Stan, Terry

 Map shown: OS 1:50k

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