BB1640 : Spot the Ball

Wednesday 16th November 2016

Be warned, Ladies may wear skirts.  But dress as you like for the Spot the Ball Competition.

At one stage it looked as if the prospect of action today was fizzling out. Weather and other commitments steadily dwindled the numbers down to near zero.  However once the idea of an easy half day was proposed, numbers rose again.

In two week's time we have our Christmas Extravaganza and, as reported in BB1631, this year's chosen sport is FOOTgolf. In other words a sort of golf without clubs and using a football that is to be kicked into the holes.  It was time for a planning meeting at Casterton Golf Club.

Armed with a raft of questions we arrived at the club on a day which threatened rather mixed weather.  How bad would the rain have to be for the event to be called off? we asked. Basically only if it snows so as Baden-Powell insisted:  Be Prepared.

Just how we should be dressed was worrying me.  The FOOTgolf official rules are quite clear on the subject.

We must wear golf apparel at all times. Flat cap, shirt with collar, golf pants or shorts, knee-high Argyle socks (whatever they are) and, indoor or soccer shoes. 

Banned are swimwear, short shorts, soccer shirts of any kind and soccer shoes with cleats.

Ladies, not that there will be any with us, must also wear collared shirts but may wear skirts.  How sexist.  Why can't the men wear skirts if they wish?

Wear Golf Apparel All The Time

Anyway, it was a relief to discover that Casterton is by no means so stuffy which is just as well in December.  We will however have a prize for the best turned out player.

It was very pleasant whilst the rain teemed down, supping coffee in the clubhouse and inspecting the strange things that golfers buy .  Once it cleared we set off to walk the 9 hole FOOTgolf course.

At the first tee we staged the Spot the Ball competition.

Spot the Ball

All you need do is copy the photo, place a red cross where you think the ball is, send it to me and the closest attempt will win a modest prize.

River Lune

After the full nine holes, we returned to the clubhouse to discover we had only covered 1.1 miles so we thought it would be interesting to walk the main course, also 9 hole.  That proved a pleasant stroll and my diversions into the thickets yielded 4 golf balls (and some sore digits where unkind barbs have been maliciously inserted).  

One more yet to find

Ball Out Of Bounds

There was a remarkable Ball Out Of Bounds sign!  Didn't know "boob" was an acronym.

On the main course

Tony made a strange discovery.

Tony finds a strange device

Comitibus: Casterton Golf Course

I was looking forward to returning to the clubhouse as I had discovered on the internet that golfers are expected to blow clean their footwear before entering the clubhouse.  

Fair enough.

But how did I discover this?  

From a page Uncle Google produced for, believe it or not:  

BOOTboy Shoe Cleaning Equipment.

What a disappointment it was to find that Casterton used a competitor's machine.  What fun it would have been to be blown away by a BOOTboy! 

Still, the course had been walked, the balls stalked and the talk talked. In two weeks time Let Battle Commence!  Meanwhile, don't forget to enter the Spot the Ball competition.

Don, Wednesday 16th November 2016




Wednesday 16th November 2016

Distance in miles:

3.5 miles (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

390 (Garmin)


Casterton Golf Course


Don, John, Mike, Terry, Tony

Map shown: Memory Map OS 1:25k

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