BB1810 : Three Men In A Boat

Thursday 5th April 2018

Due to the absence of our more adventurous BOOTboys, only Martin, John and Tony were available for Thursday's walk.  Martin suggested we act like tourists and take the boat from Glenridding on Ullswater to Howtown and take a leisurely stroll back to Glenridding - a walk of about 7.5 miles and about 1,200'.

John and Tony considered this for about a nano second before reaching unanimous agreement.

The weather was spectacular with brilliant sunshine, snow covered tops and bright blue skies albeit quite cold early on. Travelling over Kirkstone pass the roads were slush covered and treacherous with cars actually sliding backwards down the Struggle.

We arrived safely and boarded the boat at 10.05 for the 35 minute trip to Howtown green with envy that Martin had secured a massive discount being a MyCumbria card carrying member.

On reaching Howtown we were shocked to see a car driving alongside the boat - yes actually in the water!! It was an Amphicar 770 the world's first commercial amphibious car.  Powered by two propellers, it can cruise through water at 8 mph. Apparently only 3,878 were ever made.

We weren't sure if the occupants were the owner's family or he was charging for trips round the bay.

Click on any of these pictures below to see the video of the car turning into a boat as it takes to the water.

Strolling gently on around the water (it's not a lake), about dead on 12 we came upon the small converted barn cafe that looked inviting but as we had butties with us we walked on about 50 yards, ate our lunch then returned for drinks and cake (beautiful homemade victoria sponge).

Unfortunately John couldn't finish all his as he nearly made himself sick on the marshmallow on his hot chocolate.

As it was school holidays, the walk back was quite busy with visitors but uneventful and although the distance was relatively short by our usual standards it was still well after three when we finally arrived back at the car on the Glenridding jetty. To round off a thoroughly enjoyable day we called at Kirkstone Pass Inn for a relaxing pint.

Tony, Thursday 5th April 2018


 ComitibusMartin, Tony, John

Mike B:

Great sartorial co-ordination!


Map : Anquet 1:25k


BB1810 : Three Men In A Boat


Thursday 5th April 2018



Distance in miles:


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John, Martin, Tony

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