BB1813 : The Missing Link and Other Mysteries

Thursday 26th April 2018

Three questions arose today that need answers.  Can you help, please?

The first one relates to the Limestone Link, a short long distance walk that goes from Arnside to Kirkby Lonsdale.  Robin had seen it on his OS map and suggested the section from Holme to Hutton Roof for today's outing.  The forecasts (which form the topic of the second question, later) were sufficiently disheartening to put us off going into the Lakes.  Robin's proposal seemed a good idea.  

We have travelled much of the Limestone Link previously (BB1512) so that report was my start point for planning purposes.  The Ordnance Survey map we had used clearly named the Limestone Link and showed its route.  Next, I had a look at the latest OS version to make sure nothing had changed.  But things had changed. Greatly. The Link had vanished.  It was missing!  Just why is a mystery so if you are able to explain its omission or offer a possible reason for the missing Link, please let me know.

Other than puzzling us, it didn't affect our planning in any way.  We would assemble at the King's Arms at Burton-in-Kendal, travel in one car to Holme Park Farm, follow the Limestone Link to Hutton Roof then return over Hutton Roof Crags to the pub for their fabulous fish finger and mayonnaise baps with deep fried potato skins.

What the weather would be like was a key question.  I put my shorts on, went out into the garden and quickly returned to change into my longs before Stan arrived to collect me.  It was very drafty round the pins.  It transpired later that Terry had done more or less the same thing.

The cold and windy start was not too great a surprise.  How the day would develop was the big question.  Now that BBC no longer gets its forecasts from the Met Office, the potential for confusion is magnified.  They (or more precisely, the MeteoGroup) predicted only 12% chance of rain at 2 p.m. and gales only in the morning compared with 30% from the Met Office plus gales all day.  In terms of expectations, clearly BBC is the forecaster of choice.  However, which would prove the more accurate?

It was even-stevens as we set off up the Limestone Link track over Holme Park Fell.....

..... then along the northern side of Hutton Roof Crags.....

..... before dropping down almost to the village.

Here we left the Link and turned round to climb up through Blasterfoot Gap.....

..... then follow the undulating track that leads eventually to the summit cairn. However, the bitterly cold wind was blowing so strongly that we retreated to take lunch in the woods a little lower down.  Time:  noon.  I know that because I phoned Tony partly to rib him that we had a midday lunch stop and partly to see how his incapacity was progressing and whether he would like to join us in the pub later.

Still even-stevens weatherwise.

When we did eventually advance to the summit cairn, it was still blowing a gale, indeed possibly even more strongly.  Also, for moment, I thought I felt a drop of rain.  But only one.  Advantage Met Office?

I looked for Blackpool Tower but couldn't see it.  However it is just visible on this photo.  Can you spot it?  Truly it is and I haven't doctored the picture.  Expand the photo for the evidence.

Our return route took us down past Dalton Crags then through fields south of Dalton Hall before turning back north to the village.  

Still a very strong wind.  Met Office the clear winner.

At the Kings Arms we had a great disappointment.  Never mind the Missing Link. Never mind the Battle of the Forecasters.  Where was the Chef?  Where were the Fish Finger Baps?  Unfortunately he had decided to take the afternoon off.

So here are the three questions:

1.  Why is the Limestone Link now Missing from the OS map?

2.  Why has BBC chosen what, on today's evidence, is a less accurate forecaster?

3.  Where can we get some Fish Finger Baps?

Don, Thursday 26th April 2018



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Bryan advises that some Long Distance Paths are no longer endorsed by Cumbria County Council so have been removed from the OS maps:

The answer to the question on the Missing Limestone Link [and other LDPs] is answered here on the WalkLakes website:

It may therefore be worth downloading this useful leaflet on the walk before SLDC remove it:

As for the BBC dropping the Met Office, they were, at the time they took the decision, under flack from the media et al for their spending. So when the contract came up for renewal they had to go through a proper procurement process under regulations which state that a tender must be awarded to the "most economically advantageous tender". Even though this is said to mean "the best combination of quality and cost" I imagine they took the bean counters view and only really looked at cost!

Can't help with the fish fingers!


Thanks, Bryan. That is very interesting information about the first two points.  Regarding the third, one solution is to wait until 4:30 p.m. and go back to the Kings Arms!


Can't answer your first question, but I can give you some info.

We had a talk in out village hall last Friday on the geology of Hutton Roof and Farleton Knot.

Speaker was Dr Peter Standing of Storth. He has written and published a series of booklets - Geotrails. They are written in conjunction with the Arnside and Silverdale AONB. His next one, due out in July I think, is on the Farleton area. Sept 14-17 this year there is to be the Farleton Festival with 9 guided walks.


Thanks Cynthia.  I'll look out for his booklets.

Mike (who pays particular attention to our sartorial elegance):

3rd walk running. Re-name BOOTboys to the Boys in Blue


Mike, I look forward to seeing your attire next time you are out with us.  

Mellow Yellow?  Simply Red?  Man In Black?   Clearly not the Green Goddess!

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Comitibus: Don, Terry,  Stan, John, Robin


Map : OS 1:50k


BB1813 : The Missing Link


Thursday 26th April 2018


Limestone Link, Hutton Roof Crags

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Don, John, Robin, Stan, Terry

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